Re: [PATCH] Don't force gtkmozembed in the Facebook module

2008/3/15 Chris Rivera <chrismrivera gmail com>:
The current Facebook module forces the built-in browser to be used for authentication.  This should respect the 'Use Built in Web Browser' setting in the properties dialog.  Please CC me on replies.

Hi Chris,

Im not sure I like this change. The hardcoding of the built in web-browser in facebook is intentional - this is because if you make any facebook API calls with the (as yet unauthenticated token) it revokes that tokens validity, which means when the user finishes logging in, Conduits login token token request is denied.

The alternative (which is what the system browser login does) is just to wait a fixed amount of time before checking if the user has logged in. This works OK, but its just a dirty hack - if the user takes too long to log in then Conduit just gives up, because any pending calls will invalidate the token (in the facebook case).

The only solution that keeps all the code consistent between all dataproviders is to use the conduit web browser. As it happens I think this is actually a better solution, the user gets immediate feedback that the login they are being asked to perform is directly related to Conduit. I havent received any bug reports about Conduit crashing from the built in browser, so I am very tempted (for the next release) to make it the only way to log into websites.




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