Re: Ok feedback needed

GNOME currently uses a rather arcane XML based documentation format
called Docbook. It is a standard, but it is a bit quirky. Documents
for how to write docbook can be found at

The reason I chose to start this on the wiki is because it supports
DocBook output"">

This will take some tidying up in order to support all of the extra
formatting used in GNOME docbook manuals, but it should be a usable

Im pretty busy at university this week, so I will not get a chance to
see how easily the conversion to wiki->docbook->gnome docbook will go,
but if you havent got very far by sunday, I might have a try

I have committed the first three sections of docs (What is Conduit, Understanding the Conduit Interface, Synchronizing Something), which so far have the bulk of the content, to the conduit help file. It could still be improved by linking to other sections better, but it looks good so far.

I will clean up the prefs, groups, and conflict sections and add them to the help file, then I will close #

I will create a new bug for documenting the dataprovider condifuration options, because I think there must be a smarter way to automatically embed the documentation for their options in the module file, and automatically take screenshots of the config windows.

Anyone running conduit from SVN can check out the new docs from the help menu. It should correctly load the help even if conduit is running uninstalled.



Any questions, just ask


>  2.  Anyone know the wiki code for centering?
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