Re: conduit + thunderbird + iphone?

On Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 10:28 AM, Luke Mackenzie <luke lukem co uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was interested to read about conduit on lifehacker today. Are there any
> plans to provide sync for thunderbird and / or the iPhone? I realise the
> latter is tricky without jailbreaking it first nut have heard that a
> jailbreak for iPhone 2.0 is in the works

Yeah, from talking with others, I understand it is possible to run
conduit/python on a jailbroken iphone - and get access to the PIM
data. In fact i am working on a branch of conduit which removes a
number of dependencies to make this easier. Once this is working, we
can then sync from the iphone, over the air, using our network sync

> I am a web developer and code in PHP / JS / Actionscript. How difficult
> would writing a thunderbird data provider be and what skills would I need? I
> have looked at python briefly but not much time to learn a new language.

That depends on the version of thunderbird. AIUI older versions of
thunderbird stored contacts in a mork db, I think they now use sqlite.

Once you can get the contacts out of thunderbird, and iphone, the rest
should just work


> Many thanks,
> Luke Mackenzie.

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