Re: Shutterfly

On Jan 15, 2008 10:32 AM, Jeremy Slater <jasl8r gmail com> wrote:
> Im not quite sure what you mean. If you are seeing duplicates because the
> original photo is not retained then you have 2-ish options
>   * Think of a new URI scheme that is persistant and ignores the fact the
> photo has changed. Be very certain to return Rids that follow this uri
> scheme.
>   * Inherit from DataProviderTwoWay directly and ignore all the ImageTwoWay
> _foo methods. If you are really adventurous then you could implement
> get_changes() and return added, modified, and deleted photos directly.

I'll try to explain the issues a little more clearly when I get home and can
re-test what my problems are.  I think there are also problems just performing
comparisons in the one-way case to see if something needs to be overwritten.

> Login seems to be working for me again? But it always hangs in the upload
> process, in the urllib call immediately after "print headers"

There have been a few updates to the login and upload functions since the
version in SVN I think.  Cookies are now local to each connection object, which
was screwing up simultaneous uploads.  There is also a bug (although there
is some argument over whether this is a bug or not) in the way urllib handles
redirects from an HTTP POST.  This is also fixed and is what causes the upload
problems you are seeing I think.  It was causing the POST data to be
resubmitted and resulted in timeouts and possibly error pages.

Anyway, I'll try to send a patch tonight with these fixes, but perhaps
keeps Shutterfly as a datasink (with delete).

That would be great. Thanks a lot



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