Re: So is conduit 0.4.0 coming very soon

Hardy seems to be fairly stable for me and the upgrade went smoothly.  Though I'm next to positive that I don't use it extensively as you do.

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 12:20 AM, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com> wrote:
2008/2/21 Brent Gueth <creeva gmail com>:
> I figure that the documentation should be collapsed into a the 0.3.9 release
> and following the logic that John put forth that releases always come in
> pairs -
> -
> then we should see version 0.4.0 soon?

Yeah, 0.4.0 will be a stable release. It will probably be released a
week or so after the official GNOME release once I have made sure that
it behaves with all the other stable libraries. Although that depends
on me installing Hardy on my laptop ASAP.


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