Re: Google calendar dataprovider is missing

Thanks so much everyone! The google cal dataprovider is now present. My next question... (please point me to any existing info if this is a dumb and obvious question)
What's the best way to sync an .ics file (like that used by mozilla cal or rainlendar) with a google calendar?
What should I be pairing google calendar with if I want it to sync to a single .ics file?
When I pair it with a directory I get a separate vcal file for each event - how do I get it to merge into one single file?
If it's not already present somewhere (if so, where?) would you guys please consider writing a few how to's for various scenarios? Especially in situations where there needs extra steps like the google cal bindings needed to be installed separately.
I really like the way conduit is heading, but at the moment I feel like there isn't much help for the user that is new to looking under the hood of syncing and bindings, etc. So pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaase help out laymen like myself.
Thanks so much to everyone again, I think you're doing an awesome job.

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