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I Just saw your post at *blush*

Im so sorry that I took so long! Your work on the initial n800 stuff was the motivation I needed to go an put in the support for conversions, which is an important part of the solution when synchronizing with mobile devices. Your patch also resulted in my talking to the Canola authors, whom made many suggestions about conduit.

The results of your initial patch will be seen in the coming week (I promise) as I finish improved sync with the nokia n800 for photos and Rhythmbox music.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is thanks, your contribution was very valuable, and I hope I did not put you off Conduit!


On 8/9/07, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com> wrote:

Thanks a lot for your contribution. I will need to modify this a bit before it can go in, but I appreciate your effort. Basically I will move the Scanner classes into

I recently also commited support for writing the main conduit UI for platforms other than Gtk ( i.e. a full Hildon/Maemo port). If you are interested in hacking on this the approach would be
* Create file that has the same interface as
* Add hooks for importing that into
* profit

Thanks for you work and I apologise not replying sooner


On 8/3/07, Jaime Frutos Morales <acidborg gmail com > wrote:
Hi again,

Here is my initial patch to add N800 backup support to Conduit. It's
quite "hacky" and it isn't finished yet, but the sync N800 -> PC folder

The folder created in the PC has an strange name (self.folderGroupName +
"file:") and I don't know how to fix this. Besides, the PC folder ->
N800 sync doesn't work.

Any help on the folder name fixing would be appreciated :-)

Jaime Frutos Morales
Computer Science Engineer

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