ANNOUNCE: Conduit 0.3.4

Hey Everyone!

I am proud to announce the fifth release in the Conduit development
series: Conduit 0.3.4, and evolution-python 0.0.4

 * Download:
 * Screenshots/Screencast:

Bugs Fixed
 * Many Canvas issues fixed.
 * Be more robust with missing icons
 * Fix many errors when resolving conflicts
 * Conduit now minimizes to the tray icon correctly

New Features
 * New command line client (conduit-client)
 * Google calendar support (Paul Novotny)
 * Youtube dataprovider added (Renato Araujo)
 * Photo sites are now two way, you data is no longer locked with one provider.
 * Nautilus extension added by thomas (enabled by default)
 * EOG plugin added (disabled by default)
 * Conduit now supports resizing and converting photos before
uploading them to photo sites. This infrastructure means improved
support for other types of conversions, such as transcoding music and
video, will be possible in the future.
 * Progress indicator shows percent complete during synchronization.
 * Add nokia n800 detection to HAL (Jaime Frutos Morales)
 * Support themable application icons.
 * Add user documentation using gnome-doc-utils.
 * Colorize the test output. grey=skipped, pink=fail, red=borked
 * Add support for Facebook photo upload
 * Improved autotools mess
 * Add included web browser for authenticating against web sites.

Known Issues
 * Facebook requires using Conduit's built in web browser
 * Built in web browser crashes/freezes when closed, then reopened again.
 * When an image is converted (resized, transcoded, etc) the image is
uploaded with a temporary title
 * Long running gnomevfs transfers cannot be yet be cancelled. This
means that when downloading a video from youtube, and you cancel the
sync, you must wait for the current file to complete

Evolution Python 0.0.4
 * wrap e_cal_get_component_as_string as

What is Conduit
Conduit is a synchronization application for GNOME. It allows you to
synchronize your data between online web services (Gmail,, Flickr, PicasaWeb,, etc) and your computer.

What Can Conduit Do
For a list of all the services that conduit supports see

In the one way sync/export case Conduit is smart in the sense that if
a piece of data has not been modified then it will not be
synchronized/exported again, it will replace the existing data. In
addition if data is subsequently removed from a source then its
corresponding data will also be deleted.

Conduit has a full featured DBus interface to allow other application
authors to use Conduit to perform the synchronization and export tasks
of their applications.

Whats Planned For Future
 * Opensync support (in progress)
 * Google gdata support (Notes, docs, base)
 * Direct PC-PC sync over local LAN using Avahi
 * Integration with Cheese

I am actively looking for help with this project. Contact me if interested.
 * Conduit is written in python and PyGTK
 * One of Conduits main aims is to encourage other developers to
 come onto the project through supplying:
   ** Full API Documentation:
   ** Developer Walk through:

More and more people use online services to organise their life, I
hope Conduit can be the bridge between peoples computers and the web.

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