Re: Syncing two Evos over the net

Hi Gregor

If we are talking about the same thing, it is currently only available when you use the SVN version of Conduit in uninstalled mode...

With our current code your scenario will be tricky.. If you have a VPN it may work although i'm not sure how Avahi handles that. The problem is that the code assumes you are on a trusted networks where the PC's can find each other with Avahi discovery... An alternative is to sync to a folder on an SSH share...

Note that we only sync contacts, tasks and memos. We need someone to write python bindings for emails! And the magic needed for "always up to date" isnt implemented in evolution-python yet..


On 11/26/07, Gregor Hlawacek <gregor hlawacek gmx at> wrote:

I am a little bit confused. Can a use this too sync my two Evolutions
copies at home and at work. I think so but I can't figure out where to


Gregor Hlawacek < gregor hlawacek gmx at>

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