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On Sat, 2007-11-10 at 17:05 -0500, Jeremy Slater wrote:
> The other night I needed to send some picasaweb photos to
> my shutterfly account, but the photos were from someone else,
> not in my albums.  I changed a few things around in the
> Picasa module so that you can use a private picasa album
> where you know the guest user name, album name and auth
> key (ie: the link a picasa user sends when you share a private
> album).  I also added the ability to use a public album from a
> guest user.

While getting data that is not your own is not unique in conduit (cfr.
the youtube module); i think it doesn't fit in the current Picasa
dataprovider as that one is two way.  Your additional configuration only
works in case the dataprovider is used as a source; not as a sink, not
as a two way.  All these options currently work in the picasa

Therefore it's maybe better to split your code out into a separate
picasa source dataprovider?  John Stowers might disagree though, so wait
for his comments before you start on it though.


> The major alteration that this involved was changing the init
> logic to not require a login (google connection), so after creating
> a picasaweb object, you must also call login with your credentials
> if you want to access your private albums.  The other small
> changes put a user variable under albums for tracking the
> user that the album belongs to.
> In order to allow for configuration I added a couple of new
> helper functions to (basically modified copies of
> the existing image resize helper).  This seems a little hack-y
> but I think that the whole configuration ui logic is probably due
> for some improvements anyway, so this should be okay for
> now.
> It looks like head is still broken perhaps?  So this patch is for
> rev 1028, but I know the modifications fit in cleanly with head
> and maybe the patch will apply cleanly, I don't know.
> Jeremy
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