Re: Shutterfly


While i was writing a test for your shutterfly sink; i noticed that
you're very close to making it a full two way dataprovider.  Have you
tried using wireshark to see what command a delete sends?  Maybe that
can help you better than the javascript?


On Tue, 2007-10-30 at 00:37 -0400, Jeremy Slater wrote:
> Here is an update that cleans up the code a bit.  It is also
> written to be used with svn trunk and mainly fixes an issue
> regarding cookies and refreshing between different
> accounts.
> You can now use multiple sinks simultaneously with either
> different or the same account.
> One problem, when retrieving photos from an album, it appears
> conduit is looking for all the photos for the shutterfly source
> (for a particular account) and wants to delete the photos it
> can not find, the photos in a different conduit for a different
> album for instance.  I'm not sure if there is something that
> I have set up incorrectly that is causing this?  Of course I
> could return all photos under an account, but that doesn't
> appear to be what other sinks (ie: picasa) are doing.
> Jeremy
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