Re: Script commands for conduit?

On 11/7/07, Shaun Barlow <shaunbarlowmusic gmail com> wrote:
Hi guys,
Can anyone help me out here?
I currently use conduit to sync the podcasts downloaded onto my
computer with my phone via bluetooth. (Thanks to the great gnome-vfs
The only drag is that I have to turn phone's bluetooth on, then open
the computer, click the conduit icon and click synchronise. (So
laborious!!) :-)

Well, what I'd like to do is to use BlueProximity ( ) to trigger a script to start
conduit syncing when my phone comes into bluetooth range of my

SOOO... can anyone tell me what a script should look like that tell
conduit to begin synchronisation of just my podcast directory > phone
directory sync pair?

Take a look at the example conduit scripts using the dbus interface in the tools directory.

Or you could create something wrapped around the conduit command line client.

When you play with those tools you will see that they can either setup things to sync in the "gui sync set" - which is what is modified when you drag and drop onto the conduit gui, or the "dbus sync set" - which is not shown. Both have the same capabilities and share the same database to ensure that new things overwrite old ones, etc. Its really up to you.

Let me know if you need a furthur hand, and remember - current SVN is broken (but should be fixed soon...)


Any help at all would be most gratefully received.

Thanks again all for your magnificent work.
Keep it up.
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