Re: Holiday

Thanks for the email Thomas. I will fix and apply your patches as necessary

On 7/4/07, Thomas Van Machelen < thomas vanmachelen gmail com> wrote:
Hi John,

For the next 12 days i'll be on a holiday through Spain, which means
i'll be completely offline.  So don't fear if there's no new from me ;-)

Anyway, two things i wanted to ping you about before i leave:
1. when is used as a datasource, the destination filenames don't
look too pretty, patch 1 fixes that.

I think the best way to do this is to use File.force_new_filename(). This currently doesnt work on readonly items and in that case I think it is best if I modify the File class to handle this case in the same way that TempFile does ( i.e. delay the rename until later).

In short I will see if this approach works and apply your patch as is if it doesnt

2. There's a problem with saving the mappings db when deletions are done
on an 'ask' policy: the db isn't committed so when you close and
re-start conduit after that, the mapping is still there.  Maybe it's
just a workaround for now, but with sqlite-ization on the roadmap; it
might become obsolete automatically.

Good catch (and sorry for not applying the identical patch you sent me a while ago!)

Have a good holiday



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