Re: supporting unlisted calendar source uris

Hi John,

thank you for your comments.

John Stowers wrote:
would it be worthwile to support opening calendar uris that are not
listed in the source list?
Im not sure of the use case for this at the moment. Under what situation is
a source not listed in the source list?
Basically, I want to access and manipulate several calendars not installed in evolution on a computer that doesn't have evolution (only eds).

I can understand that one might want to create a calendar with a source at a specific filesystem location but I thought that this calendar source
would then appear in the list of sources the next time
evo_environment_list_cal_sources is called?
Appearantly not unless the location is registered.

I would like to keep the python api similar in appearance to the C api so I am not opposed to wrapping e_source_new_with_absolute_uri as a seperate
function as opposed to kwargs to the current open function.
OK. I've tried to match evo_cal_source_open_source (and copied most of it) with evo_cal_source_open_new_with_absolute_uri.
This is the attached patch evolution-python.source_new.diff.

Additionally, I've tried to add some ECalComponent methods for due dates, categories, priorities, and url.
This is the attached patch evolution-python.ecalcomponent.diff.

I'm afraid that it shows that I'm neither an expert at writing python extensions nor have I wrapped gnome libraries before, but I hope that I don't have to many routes to SIGSEGV in it. Maybe some parts are even useful.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann,
--- evolution-python-0.0.1+svn-20070609.orig/src/evo-calendar.c
+++ evolution-python-0.0.1+svn-20070609/src/evo-calendar.c
@@ -67,6 +67,38 @@
 	return cal;
+ECal *
+evo_cal_source_open_new_with_absolute_uri(const char *name, const char *uri, ECalSourceType type)
+    ESource *source = NULL;
+    ECal *cal = NULL;
+    GError *gerror = NULL;
+    g_debug("Opening new calendar source uri: %s\n", uri);
+    source = e_source_new_with_absolute_uri(name, uri); 
+    if (!source) {
+        g_warning("Unable to open source for calendar (type %u)", type);
+        return NULL;
+    }
+    cal = e_cal_new(source, type);
+    if(!cal) {
+        g_warning("Failed to create new calendar (type %u)", type);
+        return NULL;
+    }
+    if(!e_cal_open(cal, FALSE, &gerror)) {
+        g_warning("Failed to open calendar (type %u): %s", gerror ? gerror->message : "None", type);
+        g_object_unref(cal);
+        g_clear_error(&gerror);
+        return NULL;
+    }
+    return cal;
 evo_cal_source_remove_object(ECal *ecal, ECalComponent *obj)
--- evolution-python-0.0.1+svn-20070609.orig/src/evo-calendar.h
+++ evolution-python-0.0.1+svn-20070609/src/evo-calendar.h
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
 ECal *evo_cal_source_open_source(const char *uri, ECalSourceType type);
+ECal *evo_cal_source_open_new_with_absolute_uri(const char *name, const char *uri, ECalSourceType type);
 void evo_cal_source_print_all_objects(ECal *ecal);
 char *evo_cal_component_get_uid(ECalComponent *obj);
 glong evo_cal_component_get_modified(ECalComponent *obj);
--- evolution-python-0.0.1+svn-20070609.orig/src/evolution.defs
+++ evolution-python-0.0.1+svn-20070609/src/evolution.defs
@@ -401,4 +401,14 @@
+(define-function open_new_with_absolute_uri
+  (c-name "evo_cal_source_open_new_with_absolute_uri")
+  (return-type "ECal*")
+  (parameters
+    '("const-char*" "name")
+    '("const-char*" "uri")
+    '("ECalSourceType" "type")
+  )

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