Goals for 0.3.4

Hey Guys,

Well another release out of the way, and I just though I would put down my goals for this cycle. Hopefully we will get the next release out quicker that it took for 0.3.3.

 * Support for Rhythmbox play lists, or generally better support for Photo/Music type files. This requires:
    -> Type inheritance. Type names may be expressed in the form "file/music", where a music type extends a file type. Dataproviders can specify their intypes in this format and things should behave nicely.
    -> Based upon the code and the work of Syncropated [1]. I have been in contact with the Author and he has expressed interest in collaborating
 * Blurry icons. Support the App Specific Themed Icon Stuff [2]. Sample autofoo in Rhythmbox cvs
 * Improver Canvas resizing (again)
 * I will probably move over to a completely signal based canvas code in Canvas.py
 * Add Sync() and Refresh() to Conduit objects. We still need the shared sync_manager approach because of gtk signal foo
 * Bring back initialize() in dataproviders
 * Conflict and delete preferences will be per conduit and not global
 * Commit the n800 stuff, and make it play nice with the Syncropated code. Requires:
    -> Seperating out FolderScanner into Utils
    -> The type inheritance stuff
 * Play with the google calender support recently contributed
 * Make a trial hildon/n800 ui
 * eye of gnome support


[1] http://syncropated.garage.maemo.org
[2] http://live.gnome.org/ThemableAppSpecificIcons

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