[libadwaita/wip/exalm/doc-fixes] doc: Fix Styles & Appearance typos

commit 46a67fe320818484b2b63b9142fe3cdbe70e029d
Author: Alexander Mikhaylenko <alexm gnome org>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 16:55:10 2021 +0500

    doc: Fix Styles & Appearance typos
    sepport -> support
    Remove an unfinished sentence.

 doc/styles-and-appearance.md | 4 +---
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 3 deletions(-)
diff --git a/doc/styles-and-appearance.md b/doc/styles-and-appearance.md
index e06560bc..6b3344f8 100644
--- a/doc/styles-and-appearance.md
+++ b/doc/styles-and-appearance.md
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ remains legible in both appearances:
 ## High Contrast
 The system can provide a high contrast preference. Libadwaita applications
-automatically sepport it; applications cannot disable it.
+automatically support it; applications cannot disable it.
 High contrast appearance can be combined with the [dark style](#dark-style) and
 is independent from it.
@@ -114,8 +114,6 @@ it manually.
 [struct@Gio.Resource], relative to the application's base path (see
-When using custom styles, applications should be careful to 
 The following resources will automatically be loaded if present:
 - `style.css` contains styles that are always used.

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