[simple-scan] Created tag 40.7

The signed tag '40.7' was created.

Tagger: Bartosz Kosiorek <gang65 poczta onet pl>
Date: 1640257890 +0100

    Release 40.7

Changes since the last tag '40.6':

Bartosz Kosiorek (7):
      Revert "Drop useless flatpak module and some accessibility fixes"
      Revert "Update Ukrainian translation"
      Fix Snap building
      Fix autosave of Page Side property in org.gnome.SimpleScan.gschema.xml
      Delete autosave records after creating new document
      Fix replacing underscore with space
      Release 40.7

Heather Ellsworth (1):
      Update snap to use newer base

Vanadiae (1):
      Drop useless flatpak module and some accessibility fixes

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
      Update Ukrainian translation

c0d3d3v (1):
      Additionally add the device name to the label if there are several identical models

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