[libgit2-glib] Created tag v1.0.0

The signed tag 'v1.0.0' was created.

Tagger: Alberto Fanjul <albertofanjul gmail com>
Date: 1640224802 +0100

    Tag 1.0.0

Changes since the last tag 'v.0.99.0':

Alberto Fanjul (8):
      detect libgit2 version
      git_merge: fix their_heads_length parameter
      Add CI
      Upgrade CI to use glib 2.68
      Invalid path resolving relative path on windows
      Allow diff without repository

Armandas Jarušauskas (1):
      Added a wrapper function for git_remote_prune.

George Barrett (1):
      Allow null options

Iñigo Martínez (1):
      meson: Remove workaround comment and add proper fix to NDEBUG

Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) (13):
      Use correct free functions
      Use correct free functions
      meson_vapi_link.py: Don't reset the cwd
      meson_vapi_link.py: Remove unnecessary os.path.join
      meson_vapi_link.py: Improve calculation of vapidir
      meson_vapi_link.py: Use python's own utils instead of calling 'ln'
      examples: Fix clone example's compiler warnings
      ggit_repository_merge: Fix constness of their_heads_native
      ggit_submodule_update: Fix constness of update options
      ggit_object_factory: Fix constructor return type
      ggit_object_factory: Replace use of deprecated g_object_newv
      tests: Replace use of deprecated GTimeVal
      Check subcommand execution

Michał Górny (1):
      Fix meson_vapi_link.py to respect DESTDIR

madmurphy (1):
      Add `git_repository_set_head_detached()` to the public API

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