[balsa/gtk4: 64/311] balsa-index: pop up the context menu on the left

commit 9492a23f9c36ae001aa1c2dfefd4fc0850ab5212
Author: Peter Bloomfield <PeterBloomfield bellsouth net>
Date:   Mon Jun 22 19:04:25 2020 -0400

    balsa-index: pop up the context menu on the left
    The default position is above the pointer, but that is often infeasible,
    so it is actually popped below. But when a submenu like "toggle" or
    "move" is selected, it pops up above, if feasible, which is not a
    smooth transition. If we choose on the left, there seems to be much less
    chance that it is infeasible, so the submenus transition smoothly. That
    may depend on the panes layout, for which I'm using the default. We
    could perhaps use a layout-dependent choice.

 src/balsa-index.c | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)
diff --git a/src/balsa-index.c b/src/balsa-index.c
index a03141e5a..525c7a165 100644
--- a/src/balsa-index.c
+++ b/src/balsa-index.c
@@ -2137,6 +2137,8 @@ bndx_popup_menu_create(BalsaIndex * bindex)
     bindex->popup_menu = menu;
     bindex->popup_widget =
         libbalsa_popup_widget_new(GTK_WIDGET(bindex), G_MENU_MODEL(menu), "popup");
+    if (GTK_IS_POPOVER(bindex->popup_widget))
+        gtk_popover_set_position((GtkPopover *) bindex->popup_widget, GTK_POS_LEFT);
 /* bndx_do_popup: common code for the popup menu;

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