[gnome-bluetooth] (9 commits) ...settings: Remove "sync" FIXME

Summary of changes:

  4910b98... lib: Add debug to adapter's "notify" callback (*)
  d5e6cf0... lib: Fix refcounting of BluetoothDevice::proxy (*)
  927ae14... settings: Make proxy replaceable (*)
  ac439e2... lib: Fix adapter never getting powered after it's made defa (*)
  9570f44... lib: Split off notifying about default-adapter* props (*)
  8b42f85... lib: Update device proxies when they change (*)
  5bd5958... lib: Add helper to check for the default adapter (*)
  a13d32c... lib: Update existing adapter reference when bluetoothd rest (*)
  cc542fd... settings: Remove "sync" FIXME (*)

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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