[epiphany] (13 commits) ...ci: don't check for memory leaks, use-after-free, double free

Summary of changes:

  31768a0... Add secure output encoding functions (*)
  2f0fcea... Add anti-XSS rules to HACKING file (*)
  359e465... about-handler: properly encode page title/URL in about:over (*)
  23385ab... about-handler: properly encode web app info in about:applic (*)
  943d4be... pdf-handler: fix a leak (*)
  6a6799b... pdf-handler: properly encode filename before inserting to H (*)
  d025186... view-source-handler: encode data passed to highlight.js (*)
  7562e57... reader-handler: fix style error (*)
  1ea654e... reader-handler: encode data when constructing reader mode c (*)
  fd86b51... web-view: convert error pages to use autofree/autoptr (*)
  abd54b7... web-view: encode data in error pages (*)
  87fc964... ci: add script to run scan-build (*)
  5c9f4bf... ci: don't check for memory leaks, use-after-free, double fr (*)

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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