[gnome-shell] (47 commits) Non-fast-forward update to branch wip/carlosg/issue-91

The branch 'wip/carlosg/issue-91' was changed in a way that was not a fast-forward update.
NOTE: This may cause problems for people pulling from the branch. For more information,
please see:


Commits removed from the branch:

  526f748... st: Round CSS units to the nearest multiple of the scale fa

Commits added to the branch:

  b05683d... Update Croatian translation (*)
  4fa5d70... network: Catch errors when reading devices (*)
  df9ddf9... iconGrid: Chain up in style-changed (*)
  a298943... magnifier: Update screen position on activation (*)
  3e09155... magnifier: Only connect to signals when ZoomRegion is activ (*)
  1767cd0... app: Consider "quit" action for quit (*)
  49f79d9... Update Chinese (Taiwan) translation (*)
  c435889... Update Chinese (Taiwan) translation (*)
  5af81d4... Update Esperanto translation (*)
  911ae49... Updated Spanish translation (*)
  4f0851c... Update Slovak translation (*)
  7eee0e0... magnifier: Return all parameters on sprite content preferre (*)
  4247251... magnifier: Use all color channels to paint content texture  (*)
  8146e9d... magnifier: Invalidate content size when it changes (*)
  9158f55... magnifier: Track cursor sprite changes only when active (*)
  727195c... magnifier: Use actor scaling filters on content texture nod (*)
  1b5e91e... shell: Fallback on ISO 8601 datetime string for screenshot  (*)
  d7632bb... Ignore '.vscode' folder for users of that editor (*)
  5357e0a... st/settings: Add magnifier activation property and bind to  (*)
  f81ac49... ci: Use custom image for commit log check (*)
  fea0192... weather: Handle missing permission store (*)
  0b72ff1... st: Add missing END_DECLS marker (*)
  de6512b... st: Add missing include (*)
  e83f234... windowManager: Allow disabling touchpad workspace switch ac (*)
  b77e497... switchGestures: Do not hard-code allowed modes (*)
  c0012c2... windowManager: Limit switch gestures to normal mode (*)
  e5b9043... workspacesView: Support touch/touchpad gestures to switch w (*)
  9f8edd9... panel: Remove left-over Gtk.Settings (*)
  4541fb9... perf: Stop using GTK (*)
  a5c75ff... screenshot: Don't pick up rubberband style from GTK (*)
  862aaf3... shellDBus: Remove ShowMonitorLabels API (*)
  eb90005... shellDBus: Accept connector to restrict OSD to one monitor (*)
  8b9c8dd... windowManager: Don't move sticky windows when inserting wor (*)
  4892a87... boxpointer: Compute arrowStride using sourceActor monitor a (*)
  7468752... layout: Use an invisible but mapped actor as dummy cursor (*)
  044572c... boxpointer: Use X/Y actor positioning instead of an anchor  (*)
  244a329... boxpointer: Compute source allocation and work area just on (*)
  f7d1174... appFavorites: Update RENAMED_DESKTOP_IDS (*)
  5d9f80b... extensionPrefs: Fix pref button appearance (*)
  22883f2... dateMenu: Make sure we always display a clock name (*)
  2fab75f... dateMenu: Make clock offsets relative to local time (*)
  4e5ca6d... dash: Fix messed up icon height (*)
  5f5a3b7... theme: update toggle switch design (*)
  9d6fcfd... switch: Drop separate handling for US (*)
  8e51fee... windowManager: ensure actor resize clone dies with actor (*)
  5be61bb... barLevel: Don't show border radius if the value is 0 (*)
  a540fe4... st: Round CSS units to the nearest multiple of the scale fa

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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