[gtksourceview/gnome-3-24] stylescheme: raise priority of .current-line-number CSS

commit 5d34a582b33820ebc4d905db8f2fd60e83b5f922
Author: Christian Hergert <chergert redhat com>
Date:   Mon Apr 15 14:33:55 2019 -0700

    stylescheme: raise priority of .current-line-number CSS
    When using GTK CSS to set the background of the current line number, we
    need to elevate the priority so that it takes precedence over the normal
    background color styling.
    This now uses "textview .current-line-number" which appears to be enough
    to raise the priority.
    Fixes #53

 gtksourceview/gtksourcestylescheme.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff --git a/gtksourceview/gtksourcestylescheme.c b/gtksourceview/gtksourcestylescheme.c
index cbbb05cb..bafa7582 100644
--- a/gtksourceview/gtksourcestylescheme.c
+++ b/gtksourceview/gtksourcestylescheme.c
@@ -959,7 +959,7 @@ generate_css_style (GtkSourceStyleScheme *scheme)
        style = gtk_source_style_scheme_get_style (scheme, STYLE_CURRENT_LINE_NUMBER);
        if (style != NULL)
-               append_css_style (final_style, style, ".current-line-number");
+               append_css_style (final_style, style, "textview .current-line-number");
        if (*final_style->str != '\0')

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