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+# 3D Acceleration
+The Boxes 3D acceleration feature for guest is powered by [virlgrenderer](https://virgil3d.github.io/).
+We have gotten a few bug reports after auto-enabling 3D acceleration for all guests that libosinfo reports 
to support virtio-gpu.
+The way it is implemented NOW is that we try to enable 3D acceleration by default for all guests that 
support virtio-gpu and we offer a toggle option in the VM properties to disable that in case of issues. This 
setting is saved in the VM's keyfile, under the **3daccel** property.
+The UX logic is:
+* If the "3daccel" flag is not set, we throw a notification offering the user to disable 3D acceleration in 
case they are having issues. Once the user interacts with the notification, the keyfile is written:
+  - if the notification is dismissed, 3daccel = true
+  - if the user clicks "Disable", 3daccel = false
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