[vala] Created tag 0.42.7

The signed tag '0.42.7' was created.

Tagger: Rico Tzschichholz <ricotz ubuntu com>
Date: 1555317792 +0200


Changes since the last tag '0.42.6':

Corentin Noël (2):
      tests: Add a field starting with a digit test
      tests: Add more invalid "assignment" tests to increase coverage

Luca Bruno (1):
      vala: Use global CodeContext to retrieve root_symbol

Rico Tzschichholz (38):
      Mark defined constructors of abstract classes as protected
      tests: Extent "post-condition" method test to increase coverage
      tests: Add regression test for generic-type interference of static function
      parser: Restrict source_reference for catch/lock expression to its header
      parser: Don't include assigned value in source_reference of constants
      parser: Exclude trailing semicolon from source_reference of statements
      parser: Extend source_reference of initializer-list to cover "{ ... }"
      parser: Don't include initializer in src-ref of array-creation-expression
      parser: Don't include member-initializer in src-ref of object-creation-expr
      tests: Extend "detailed signal" test to increase coverage
      gsignal: Use guint to represent flags-enum in custom GMarshalFunc
      gsignal: Move disconnect error from signal-module to semantic-analyzer pass
      tests: Extend "struct with delegate" test to increase coverage
      tests: Add "method ccode return-type" test to increase coverage
      ccodegen: Use unsigned default value for flags-enum
      vala: Allow assignment of 0U to enum types
      parser: Implicit creation method of abstract classes must be protected
      libvaladoc: Don't try to create a Content.ListItem when there is none
      libgvc: Some additions and ownership/return-type fixes
      vala: Variadic parameters are not supported for async methods
      glib-2.0: Don't annotate dedicated GLib.assert_*() functions with [Assert]
      tests: Add some invalid "array slice" tests to increase coverage
      codegen: Resolve generics in sizeof-expression of parameter initializer
      codegen: Move implicit GValue cast for comparison to BinaryExpression
      tests: Add "struct (un)boxing" variant test
      girparser: Create correct output in get_default_lower_case_suffix()
      gobject-introspection-1.0: Fix TypeInfo and TypeTag method references
      gstreamer-1.0: Fix TypeFind and TypeFindFactory method references
      libvaladoc: Handle missing Content.List.Bullet.ORDERED in switch
      libvaladoc: Handle missing Run.Style.NONE in switch
      Add explicit "default: break;" statements for coverage of enum-typed switch
      pango: Fix StringBuilder parameter of scan_word()
      tests: Extend "assigned local variable" control flow tests
      tests: Add "unassigned local variable in while" test
      codegen: Always assign original variable when consuming instance to destroy
      libarchive: Fix Archive.[set_]mode/perm() and add Archive.FileMode
      Mark defined constructors of abstract classes as protected #2
      Release 0.42.7

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