[gjs] Created tag 1.56.1

The unsigned tag '1.56.1' was created.

Tagger: Philip Chimento <philip chimento gmail com>
Date: 1554706718 -0700

    Version 1.56.1
    - Closed bugs and merge requests:
      * Calling dumpHeap() on non-existent directory causes crash [#134, !277,
        Philip Chimento]
      * Using Gio.MemoryInputStream.new_from_data ("string") causes segfault [#221,
        !278, Philip Chimento]
      * Fix gjs_context_eval() for non-zero-terminated strings [!281, Philip

Changes since the last tag '1.56.0':

Cosimo Cecchi (2):
      Merge branch '134-dump-heap-error-check' into 'master'
      Merge branch '221-param-unknown' into 'master'

Philip Chimento (7):
      system: Fix missing error check in dumpHeap()
      build: Post-release version bump
      function: Handle case of a bare GDestroyNotify in a function's args
      function: Free transfer-full in arguments when function fails
      context: Remove lazy flag from evaluated sources
      context: Fix gjs_context_eval() for non-zero-terminated strings
      release: Prepare for 1.56.1

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