[gimp-web/testing] 2.10.10: More GEGL news

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    2.10.10: More GEGL news

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 # Around GIMP
 ## GEGL and babl
+This release of GIMP is accompanied by a hefty GEGL 0.4.14 release, featuring
+a handful of under-the-hood improvements, as well as new user-facing additions.
-GEGL, the graphics engine of GIMP, has now full CMYK support, thanks to
-the awesome work of Øyvind Kolås. This support is not reflected yet in
-GIMP, but this should come at some point.
+Most excitingly, the standalone `gegl` tool, which can be used to apply GEGL
+pipelines directly from the command-line, has seen a
+[massive rework](https://www.patreon.com/posts/24123574) of its integrated GUI
+by Øyvind Kolås.
+The new UI doubles as an image viewer and a graph editor, allowing real-time
+non-destructive image manipulation.
+<img src="{attach}gegl-editor-1.jpg" alt="GEGL editor (1)"/>
+<em>The `gegl` binary features a reworked graphical editor</em>
+As well as acting as a non-destructive editor proof-of-concept, sporting such
+snazzy features as touch-oriented interaction and Lua-based per-operation UI, it
+also provides a testbed for new and existing GEGL features, such as mipmap
+<img src="{attach}gegl-editor-2.jpg" alt="GEGL editor (2)"/>
+<em>The editor can be extended using Lua, allowing for per-operation UI</em>
+Øyvind Kolås has also
+[been working](https://www.patreon.com/posts/cmyk-progress-22901518) on more
+deeply-ingrained CMYK support in both babl, which saw its 0.1.62 release
+earlier this year, and GEGL.
+This includes support for CMYK ICC profiles in babl (at this point, through LCMS2),
+direct CMYK support as part of relevant GEGL functions and core operations,
+and support for reading/writing CMYK data in TIFF and JPEG files.
+While not done yet, this work goes towards adding first-class CMYK support to
+Behind the scenes, this release saw various bug fixes and performance
+improvements, including a refactoring of the parallelization framework, swap
+tile-compression, and the removal of the deprecated iterator API, as well as
+interesting new operations in the workshop, and improvements to existing
+See the [GEGL relase notes](http://gegl.org/NEWS.html#_gegl_0_4_14_2019_03_01)
+for more information.
 *Note for packagers: to build GEGL 0.4.14 on Win32, 2 commits will need
 cherry-picking: commits

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