[gnome-initial-setup] (7 commits) ...Merge branch 'wip/feborges/avatar-chooser' into 'master'

Summary of changes:

  55f148c... account: Use GIO API for face images handling (*)
  0441acd... account: Do not show legacy face images (*)
  6a7fcaf... account: Make face images bigger (*)
  f97dd8b... account: Turn UmPhotodialog in a full GObject (*)
  657a3f0... account: Introduce a UI template for UmPhotoDialog (*)
  a691e1c... account: Introduce the new avatar chooser (*)
  4132056... Merge branch 'wip/feborges/avatar-chooser' into 'master'

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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