[evince] (12 commits) Non-fast-forward update to branch 891-provide-context-menu-for-annotations-in-sidebar

The branch '891-provide-context-menu-for-annotations-in-sidebar' was changed in a way that was not a 
fast-forward update.
NOTE: This may cause problems for people pulling from the branch. For more information,
please see:


Commits removed from the branch:

  7344bb1... sidebar-annotations: Add context menu for sidebar annotatio
  f196e1f... sidebar-annotations: Pop up menu on button press instead of

Commits added to the branch:

  0df01f2... Updated Spanish translation (*)
  b9f122c... Update Brazilian Portuguese translation (*)
  70a4d08... Update French translation (*)
  1b40296... Revert "icon: update app icon" (*)
  0b484cd... Revert "shell: Sync toolbar's sidebar icon and side pane in (*)
  37517a3... Use a custom icon in the toolbar to view the sidebar (*)
  fded465... shell: Use "user-bookmarks" instead of "bookmark-new" (*)
  1dc4ab5... ui: Separate Open and Save actions in their own menu groups (*)
  758bd06... zoom-action: Remove zoom-in/out icons from menu (*)
  39cee66... ui: Use a new icon for the outline in the side bar (*)
  5122711... icons: Add missing image for the switch bar in the side pan (*)
  54333d2... sidebar-annotations: Add context menu for sidebar annotatio

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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