[shotwell] Created tag shotwell-0.29.4

The signed tag 'shotwell-0.29.4' was created.

Tagger: Jens Georg <mail jensge org>
Date: 1532115255 +0200

    Release 0.29.4

Changes since the last tag 'shotwell-0.29.3':

Carsten Csiky (csicar) (4):
      added scrubbing funktionality to directory items
      reset to primary image when mouse leaves the eventdirectoryitem
      stepped selection to reduce flicker
      use 15 as min scrubbing distance

Claude Paroz (2):
      Updated French translation
      Added French help translation

Jens Georg (16):
      camera: Add mtp to supported mount schemes
      camera: Temporarily remove libusb work-around
      flatpak: Unblock device access
      extended: Fix comment size for event view
      extended: Adjust spacing
      import: Fix button icons
      flatpak: Allow access to gvfs subinterfaces
      flatpak: Undo accidental clean-up removal
      camera: Use symbolic icons
      plugins: Add override path
      Remove merge left-over
      Merge branch 'image-scrubbing-squashed' into 'master'
      Remove video sprockets
      Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
      import-roll: Close sidebar by default
      Prepare 0.29.4

Mario Bl├Ąttermann (1):
      Update German translation

Yi-Soo An (1):
      flatpak: Bump libraw version to 0.18.13

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