[glib-networking] Fix intermittent failures in missing client private key test

commit 55daf3e5fd4bc9e4ebad1a9eab93f852dcbf527e
Author: Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro igalia com>
Date:   Thu Jul 19 11:16:35 2018 -0500

    Fix intermittent failures in missing client private key test
    Because our APIs do nice things like encapsulating the TLS connection
    establishment, we have our test server writing to the client after
    establishing the TCP connection, because the TLS connection is
    established. It's fine in theory, but results in some weirdness like the
    server seeing its write having completed successfully before TLS
    connection establishment. Normally that's what happens and this test
    passes (server sees no error), but sometimes the server sees that the
    client has already failed and the test fails.
    This is unfortunate, and tricky to fix properly, so let's just remove
    the bad check. The point of the test is to ensure that the TLS
    connection is not established, and the client-side check is going to
    have to be sufficient, because rewriting the test to wait for the TLS
    connection to be established on the server side is quite tricky: my
    naive attempt resulted in both sides waiting forever on the other.
    P.S. At no point in this test does the server ever examine the client
    certificate. That's not quite what I expected when I added the test, but
    it's fine.
    Fixes #4

 tls/tests/connection.c | 1 -
 1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)
diff --git a/tls/tests/connection.c b/tls/tests/connection.c
index 94645c3..390275d 100644
--- a/tls/tests/connection.c
+++ b/tls/tests/connection.c
@@ -1125,7 +1125,6 @@ test_client_auth_fail_missing_client_private_key (TestConnection *test,
   g_main_loop_run (test->loop);
   g_assert_error (test->read_error, G_TLS_ERROR, G_TLS_ERROR_CERTIFICATE_REQUIRED);
-  g_assert_no_error (test->server_error);
 static void

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