[gnome-software] (8 commits) ...Simplify the updates panel

Summary of changes:

  0e32019... rpm-ostree: Correctly check for updates (*)
  3890179... trivial: Show the download size in the updates panel (*)
  ef15f51... trivial: Allow the application to change modes using activa (*)
  6fff35e... trivial: Show the app+related size when dumping the GsApp t (*)
  37103e6... Download applications explicitly when required (*)
  3d025ff... fwupd: Show the release notes for all the inbetween release (*)
  cd9c433... trivial: Show the update size in the updates panel (*)
  f94d87a... Simplify the updates panel (*)

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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