[gnome-builder] Created tag 3.29.4

The signed tag '3.29.4' was created.

Tagger: Christian Hergert <chergert redhat com>
Date: 1531874826 -0700

    release 3.29.4

Changes since the last tag '3.29.3':

Andrea Veri (1):
      Drop newlines between tags

Christian Hergert (99):
      add missing appdata
      variant: be defensive when inserting values
      Revert "wip-on-c-pack"
      clang: disable gigacage from webkit
      buffer: add language id helper
      sourceivew: only insert matching <> for html/xml
      util: fix g-i type for ide_g_file_get_children_finish()
      cpack: add completion provider for header includes
      cpack: remove unused finalize vfunc
      vim: fix indentation for o, O inside of comments
      doc: move completion docs around
      breakout: lower priority with flatpak processes
      buildui: check for non-NULL runtime
      sourceview: cancel completion when moving snippets
      c-pack: improve indenter handling of prefix spacing
      build: port to gtksourceview-4
      vapi: fix deps for vala vapi
      build: fix remaining gtksourceview-3.0 usage
      completion: reduce overhead of cancellation
      completion: explicitly ignore insert-text during loading
      plugins: check dependencies of plugin-info
      toolchain: don't warn for cancelled/not-supported
      meson: ignore toolchains when not a meson project
      pipeline: style cleanup
      glib: add find async variant with max recursion depth
      toolchain: reduce max recursion depth when locating toolchain files
      todo: improve filesystem match regex
      todo: avoid pathologically long lines
      todo: use git grep when available
      todo: post-process final item
      todo: tell git-grep to avoid long lines
      clang: mark unlikely path
      ctags: tweak completion priority
      snippets: print failure message when inserting snippet
      js: remove extra newlines
      snippets: propagate default language when parsing data
      sidebar: emit DzlDockItem::presented
      todo: delay loading until user selects todo panel
      flatpak: apply max depth when searching for manifests
      flatpak: update download url
      ctags: nice the ctags process
      todo: slow down transition duration
      buildui: pass focus grab to terminal widget
      buildui: fix transient grab with build log
      clang: raise priority for field access
      build: allow specifying the path to ctags
      build: bundle universal-ctags with flatpak
      words: fix potential use-after free
      sourceview: protect against NULL completion
      snippets: fix default language scope
      cpack: fix incorrect comparisons
      results: stash the pointer added to the string chunk
      code-index: release GList queue links
      diagnostics: add a bunch of assertions and magic values
      build-manager: fix initial diagnose after build
      shortcuts: add ctrl+shift+w to close all documents
      shortcuts: add save all to shortcuts window
      debugger: be more stringent in bounds checking
      gdb: implement basic countpoint support
      flatpak: check for env before accessing it
      flatpak: ensure widget access after task propagation
      git: ensure user name is provided to SSH based URIs
      modeline: fix initial setting of language
      gobject: avoid ref'ing class/iface when we can peek
      build: bump minimum meson version
      icons: generate bundled png icons
      build: render mimetype icons
      icons: update generated icons
      icons: regenerate icons with updated names
      icons: install icons to private directory
      glib: add helper for symbolic icons
      search: add API to set GIcon for IdeSearchResult
      file-search: use symbolic mimetype icon for search result
      layout: allow setting GIcon for IdeLayoutView
      sidebar: use GIcon to specify image for the view
      editor: sniff content-type from buffer contents and file-name
      project-tree: use content-type for tree icon
      hover: start on hover abstraction for sourceview
      omnigutter: remove query_tooltip
      omnigutter: add mixed color for countpoint
      devhelp: stub out hover provider for devhelp
      symbol-tree: add hover provider to display symbol info
      hover: disable hover popover on scroll-event
      symbol: remove margin from hover data
      symbol-tree: ellipsize end of the symbol name
      build: disable some builtins
      hover: be more restrictive in where we display
      marked: move marked content to util
      hover: ignore comments in debugger hover provider
      hover: add priority when registering content from plugins
      build: drop back to 0.46
      devhelp: implement devhelp hover provider content
      hover: tweak sizing a bit when webkit is in play
      devhelp: remove devhelp documentation provider
      doc: remove documentation card plugin
      sourceview: remove documentation-requested
      hover: use request-documentation to display hover info
      release 3.29.4

Corentin Noël (2):
      flatpak: allow to use and create meson cross-compilation files
      flatpak: use the right user data directory

Daniel Șerbănescu (3):
      Update Romanian translation
      Update Romanian translation
      Update Romanian translation

Philip Withnall (1):
      autotools: Use LANG=C.UTF-8 rather than LANG=C

Ricardo Silva Veloso (8):
      snippets: Add license snippets for Apache-2.0 and MIT/Apache-2.0
      Remove empty comment lines in begin of some license headers
      Add license template for Apache 2.0
      Add SPDX license identifier for MIT/Apache-2.0
      Update Apache template (identical indentation to official .txt)
      snippets: add snippets for Rust
      Overwrite brace only if have enough braces
      Insert matching brace in more cases

Sam Hewitt (7):
      added symbolic mimetype icons
      re-rendered symbolic action icons with the updated script
      symbolic icons: made lang-method and lang-namespace same height as lang-class
      new ui-* and xml-* object icons
      improved lang-define-symbolic
      new pictographic ui-* icons
      symbolic icons: update lang-include and lang-define

Sam Spilsbury (4):
      runner: Make sure to return gboolean from query-tooltip callback
      workbench: Make sure to return gboolean from query-tooltip handler
      runner: Show informative tooltip when run button is disabled
      workbench: Show informative message while build button is disabled

Sergey Bugaev (1):
      clang: enable for Objective-C code

Simon McVittie (1):
      Python: Avoid identifier 'async', which became a keyword in 3.7

Tim Sabsch (1):
      Update German translation

Willis Monroe (1):
      terminal: add start time to application output panel

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