[gnome-games] Created tag 3.29.4

The unsigned tag '3.29.4' was created.

Tagger: Adrien Plazas <kekun plazas laposte net>
Date: 1531815954 +0200

    Version 3.29.4

Changes since the last tag '3.29.1':

Adrien Plazas (45):
      flatpak: Update reftests
      flatpak: Add a PCSX ReARMed test
      flatpak: Move test medias to their own directory
      flatpak: Sort lines in unit tests
      flatpak: Add test expectations diffs
      flatpak: Add a BlastEm test
      flatpak: Add a Gambatte test
      flatpak: Add a mGBA test
      flatpak: Add a Stella test
      ci: Add GitLab CI support
      flatpak: Update reftests to the new file format
      utils: Add Unicode.read()
      cue-sheet: Read files as converted to UTF-8
      flatpak: Simplify test data installation
      flatpak: Add /Options tests
      flatpak: Add the /desmume2015/pong-ds test
      flatpak: Add Gearsystem
      flatpak: Simplify MIME types installation
      flatpak: Force the right libdir for Meson modules
      flatpak: Drop Virtual Boy ROM MIME definition
      flatpak: Drop buggy comments in org.gnome.Games.json
      flatpak: Fix indentation of config-opts
      flatpak: Move grilo to Meson
      flatpak: Move grilo-plugins to Meson
      ui: Move the application menu to the collection view
      ui: Add Help to the application menu
      ui: Add ShortcutsWindow
      ui: Add Shortcuts to the application menu
      ui: Add KonamiCode
      ui: Open Contribute page on Konami Code
      flatpak: Replace SourceForge links for mirrors
      HACKING: Update git.gnome.org URLs to gitlab.gnome.org
      nintendo-ds: Update git.gnome.org URLs to gitlab.gnome.org
      flatpak: Update git.gnome.org URLs to gitlab.gnome.org
      flatpak: Prettify org.gnome.Games.json
      flatpak: Update anongit.freedesktop.org URLs to gitlab.freedesktop.org
      flatpak: Add the application/x-love-game MIME type
      shortcuts-window: Adapt to text direction
      tools: Comment why we sort in update-gameinfo.sh
      Update the authors lists
      game-icon-view: Add the size property
      collection-icon-view: Use small thumbs on small windows
      build: Bump retro-gtk to 0.15.3
      Add .gitattributes
      Version 3.29.4

Alexander Mikhaylenko (17):
      flatpak: Bundle Virtual Boy ROM MIME definition
      flatpak: Bundle newer Neo Geo Pocket ROM MIME definitions
      ci: Separate the pipeline into multiple stages
      ci: Cleanups
      flatpak: Unpin PCSX-ReARMed commit and carry a patch instead
      ui: Remove 'Escape Search' shortcut
      flatpak: Move misplaced comment
      flatpak: Switch to meson
      build: Remove autotools
      ui: Remove double border around CollectionIconView
      build: Allow parallel installation of development builds
      build: Append git tag to version
      flatpak: Build development version
      flatpak: Adjust development version name and tags
      ci: Build development version
      ui: Add styling to distinguish development builds
      desktop: Blacklist org.gnome.GamesDevel.desktop

Daniel Mustieles (2):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Denis Ollier (2):
      appdata: Update to latest specification
      build: Migrate from intltool to gettext

Exalm (22):
      flatpak: Unpin mGBA commit
      flatpak: Disable more grilo plugins
      flatpak: Update tests
      ci: Use container image from gitlab.gnome.org
      ci: Build and export gnome-games flatpak
      retro: Add Virtual Boy platform
      virtual-boy: Introduce Virtual Boy plugin
      data: Handle Virtual Boy MIME-type
      flatpak: Add Mednafen VB core
      flatpak: Remove Mednafen GBA
      flatpak: Remove Mednafen Lynx
      pc-engine: Use a phony MIME type for TurboGrafx-CD
      neo-geo-pocket: Separate Neo Geo Pocket Color games
      retro: Add RetroOptions
      data: Add options directory
      build: Add Games.OPTIONS_DIR
      retro-runner: Load options from file
      options: Add desmume.options and desmume2015.options
      tools: Add a script to update gameinfo
      playstation: Remove 'update-gameinfo' target
      build: Port to meson
      ci: Switch to meson

Marek Cernocky (1):
      Updated Czech translation

Marek Černocký (1):
      Updated Czech translation

Pere Orga (1):
      Update Catalan translation

Piotr Drąg (9):
      Update POTFILES.in and POTFILES.skip
      Update Polish translation
      Update POTFILES.in and POTFILES.skip
      ui: Fix typo in a translatable string in the shortcuts window
      Update Polish translation
      ui: Fix formatting in shortcuts-window.ui
      ui: Fix grammar in shortcuts-window.ui
      data: Add translator comments to the .desktop file
      Update Polish translation

Rafael Fontenelle (1):
      Update Brazilian Portuguese translation

nick richards (1):
      Add OARS metadata and update gitlab links

theawless (12):
      ui: Update MediaSelector on media number update
      local-cover: Fetch only the required attributes
      directory: Add async version of foreach
      local-cover: Make searching asynchronous
      keyboard: Add KeyboardMappingManager
      retro-input-manager: Use KeyboardMappingManager
      keyboard: Add KeyboardMappingBuilder
      ui: Add KeyboardTester
      ui: Add KeyboardMapper
      ui: Update ResetGamepadMappingDialog for controllers
      ui: Add KeyboardConfigurer
      ui: Show keyboard in PreferencesPageControllers

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