[evolution] Created tag 3.29.4

The unsigned tag '3.29.4' was created.

Tagger: Milan Crha <mcrha redhat com>
Date: 1531728942 +0200

    Tag 3.29.4 release

Changes since the last tag '3.29.3':

Anders Jonsson (1):
      Help: Fix grammar in a sentence

Andre Klapper (17):
      Help: Fix a typo
      Help: Cover email aliases from bug 605416
      Bug 723590 - cover accounts configured in GOA
      Better explain syncing remote accounts vs individual folders for offline usage
      Help: Fix my markup in previous commit
      Help: Add less complicated way to get menu bar displayed again
      Bug 770141 - Remove Quick Reference PDF
      Help: Use same names for views as in the UI
      Help: Bug 786747 - Add calendar views to list of keyboard shortcut
      Help: Remove shortcuts from calendar views, now in intro-keyboard-shortcuts
      Help: Fix duplicate section IDs
      Help: Option is now called Custom, not Customize
      Help: Bug 794085: Cover why 'Email reminder' option is greyed out
      Help: Use stable if namespace instead of experimental
      Help: Use https URL for CC license link
      Help: Use https URL for w3.org links
      Help: Update URL from library.gnome.org to help.gnome.org for older content

Antoine Jacoutot (1):
      typo: fix closing tag

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Fabio Tomat (3):
      Update Friulian translation
      Update Friulian translation
      Update Friulian translation

Milan Crha (31):
      Post-release version bump
      I#25 - Show also URL in collection CalDAV Properties dialogs
      Show more options in CalDAV Properties for collection sources
      Make it possible to disable text-highlight module with a GSettings option
      I#32 - Add column to sort at the end when Ctrl+Click its header
      Update links to GNOME git repositories in flatpak files
      [EContactEditor] Do not store empty values in vCard
      I#37 - Color support for iCalendar entries
      Correct memory leak of object returned by atk_object_ref_relation_set()
      Try also with the From address when looking up correct From account for composer
      eds-I#13 - [IMAPx] Fails to append message to Yahoo! with no CRLF at the end
      Properly wrap text in 'Security Information' dialog
      Add 4px bottom margin to secure button table
      eds-I#3 - [GPG] Mails that are not encrypted look encrypted
      help: German translation: Fix typo in closing tag
      I#43 - Tasks not shown when Side Panel is hidden
      I#44 - Use Thunderbird's autoconfig ISPDB directly, not its copy
      [autoconfig] Rename look up on GNOME server, because it's not true anymore (I#44)
      Bug 704246 - Cannot send encrypted mail to contact with certificate
      [Composer] Message generated twice when using 'Send through Outbox'
      Fix few memory leaks, mostly around gtk_..._new_with_model()
      Bug 757504 - [Composer] Do not wrap URLs in Plain Text mode
      I#67 - Provide a hint how to show hidden Menu Bar again
      I#39 - Extend Mail autoconfig to check in server's autoconfiguration too
      I#55 - "Custom sort" dialog freezes Evolution and hogs the CPU under Wayland
      I#53 - Address Helgrind warning about lock acquire order
      I#69 - [MessageList] Regeneration loses selection start
      Bug 548681 - [MessageList] Restore of cursor mispositioned after delete
      Update couple HTML editor tests
      Bug 750636 - [Composer] Wrapped line should not start with a space
      NEWS update for 3.29.4

Дилян Палаузов (1):
      Update meeting invitation process due to UI changes

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