[gnome-software] (7 commits) Created branch wip/jrocha/pull-runtime-related-refs-stable

The branch 'wip/jrocha/pull-runtime-related-refs-stable' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  3d05a07... Revert "Revert "flatpak: Use "list of related apps for inst
  5d99b87... flatpak: Check if a related app is installed even when deal
  95d4efa... flatpak: Add missing app-extension test dir
  5a9efbb... flatpak: Test updating an app to a version with an extensio
  ee5e8dd... flatpak: Fix app extension test
  1ec8bde... flatpak: Include related refs to the app's runtime on insta
  89a4cbf... flatpak: Add test for installing extensions when updating a

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