[gimp] Created tag GIMP_2_10_4

The signed tag 'GIMP_2_10_4' was created.

Tagger: Michael Natterer <mitch gimp org>
Date: 1530730995 +0200

    Tag the 2.10.4 release

Changes since the last tag 'GIMP_2_10_2':

Alan Mortensen (5):
      Updated Danish translation
      Updated Danish translation of gimp-plug-ins
      Updated Danish translation of gimp-script-fu
      Updated Danish translation
      Updated Danish translation of gimp-plug-ins

Alex Samorukov (2):
      Fix build on osx by adding appkit dependency
      Fix empty lldb backtrace on OSX

Alexandre Prokoudine (7):
      NEWS: keep updated
      Update NEWS
      Update NEWS
      Update NEWS
      Sync USM menu entry to GEGL
      Update Russian translation
      Update Russian translation

Anders Jonsson (7):
      Update Swedish translation
      Update Swedish translation
      Update Swedish translation
      Update Swedish translation
      Update Swedish translation
      Update Swedish translation
      Update Swedish translation

Balázs Meskó (2):
      Update Hungarian translation
      Update Hungarian translation

Daniel Korostil (4):
      Update Ukrainian translation
      Update Ukrainian translation
      Update Ukrainian translation
      Update Ukrainian translation

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Update Spanish translation

Daniel Șerbănescu (2):
      Update Romanian translation
      Update Romanian translation

Dimitris Spingos (Δημήτρης Σπίγγος) (1):
      Update Greek translation

Edward E (2):
      Issue #1240 - The drive or unc share you selected does not exist...
      Issue #1563 - Dots instead of icons on Windows systems

Ell (104):
      app: add gimp_gegl_buffer_copy()
      app: use gimp_gegl_buffer_copy() all over the place
      app: in GimpOperationGradient, use sampler for reading the distance buffer
      app: fix progress text when applying shaped gradient through PDB
      Issue #1490 - Crash when flattening an XCF file
      app: add gimp_async_wait_until()
      app: use gimp_parallel_run_async() when loading fonts
      app: add gimp_async_remove_callback()
      app: various GimpAsync improvements
      po-windows-installer: technical fix to the Latvian translation
      app: code cleanup in GimpAsync
      app: port all interfaces to G_DEFINE_INTERFACE()
      libgimpcolor: port all interfaces to G_DEFINE_INTERFACE()
      libgimpconfig: align GimpConfig with the rest of the interfaces
      app: add GimpWaitable interface
      app: add GimpCancelable interface
      app: implement GimpWaitable and GimpCancelable in GimpAsync
      app: abort canceled pending operations in gimp_parallel_run_async()
      app: add "independent" parameter to gimp_parallel_run_async()
      app: fix gimp_parallel_run_async() cancelation
      app: lower thread priority of independent async operations
      app: add GimpWaitable::try_wait() vfunc
      app: implement GimpWaitable::try_wait() in GimpAsync
      app: add GimpUncancelableWaitable
      app: add GimpTriviallyCancelableWaitable
      app: add GimpAsyncSet
      app: fix indentation in core-types.h
      app: use GimpAsyncSet for keeping track of font loading
      app: disallow editing text layers while fonts are loading
      libgimpwidgets: add GimpBusyBox
      app: add gimp_container_editor_bind_to_async_set()
      app: show indication during font loading in text tool and font views
      libgimpbase, libgimp, app: pass icon theme dir to plug-ins through config
      plug-ins: add busy-dialog plug-in
      app: add gimp_wait()
      app: add gimp_fonts_wait()
      app, pdb: wait for fonts to load before dependent operations
      app: use gimp_wait() to wait for histogram in threshold and levels tools
      pdb: change image freeze/thaw procs to "Since: 2.10.2"
      app: fix gui_wait() cleanup
      po: update POTFILES.in
      app: fix linking of test-config
      app: code cleanup in previous commits
      app: more cleanup
      app: restore font list in async callback, not async-set notify handler
      app: hide container-editor busy box when clearing async-set binding
      libgimpwidgets: add exponentiation support to eevl
      plug-ins: increase input precision in guides-new-percent.scm
      app: strengthen gimp_async_set_{wait,cancel}()
      app: add gimp_tool_widget_{set,get}_focus(); "focus-changed" signal
      app: respond to "focus-changed" signal in various tool widgets
      app: in GimpDrawTool, set widget focus when setting widget
      app: add GimpToolWidget::leave_notify() vfunc
      app: implement GimpToolWidget::leave_notify() in various tool widgets
      app: add GimpToolWidget::hit() virtual function
      app: implement GimpToolWidget::hit() in all tool widgets
      app: add gimp_tool_widget_changed()
      app: add GimpToolWidgetGroup
      app: add TRANSFORM_GRIDS propgui controller
      configure.ac: require GEGL >= 0.4.3
      app: add custom GUI for gegl:recursive-transform-plus
      configure.ac: require babl >= 0.1.51
      app: use default new-layer mode for layer groups and text layers
      app: in GimpPaintTool, sync brush-outline coords while painting
      app: add GimpTransformGridTool; derive most transform tools from it
      app: derive GimpMeasureTool from GimpTransformTool
      app: code cleanup in the measure tool
      Issue #1607 - Fatal Crash on ACT Palette File Import
      app: don't allow transforming invisible layers in flip/measure tools
      Bug 759194 - Unified Transform Tool fails when layer is hidden
      Issue #1621 - Alpha incorrectly exported in PSD
      app: make sure image colormaps always have at least one color
      Issue #1602 - Numeric selection size wrong after switching tools
      Issue #1613 - foreground select tool raises a CRITICAL when committing
      Issue #1646 - Transform preview looks wrong with selection
      Issue #1624 - Crashes when using Scissor Select Tool
      app: clean up GimpTransformGridTool; adapt subclasses
      app: fix scaling around center in scale tool; avoid negative width/height
      Issue #1668 - Smudge Tool - Wrong colors when painting on an image ...
      Issue #1668 -- Smudge Tool - Wrong colors when painting on an image ...
      app: merge back gegl:recursive-transform-plus propgui to recursive-transform
      app: fix filename in gimppropgui-recursive-transform.c license notice
      plug-ins: add support for loading merged image data from PSD files
      app: add memory group to the dashboard
      app: make the dashboard scrollable
      app: in the dashboard, fix statm file-descriptor initialization
      app: make sure the color picker tool is halted when closing display
      app: add gimp_data_input_stream_read_line_always()
      app: add gimp_ascii_strtoi() and gimp_ascii_strotod()
      Issue #1682 - Segfault when starting GIMP, due to empty data files
      app: add swap read/write fields to the dashboard
      app: a few fixes to last commit
      app: more fixes to last dashboard commit
      app: properly handle NULL rectangle arguments in gimp-gegl-loops
      app: fix dashboard swap read/write variable order
      app: flush image after selecting colormap color
      app: s/DAta/Data/ in gimpdashboard.c
      app: more Windows-specific fixes in gimpdashboard.c
      app: even more Windows-specific fixes in gimpdashboard.c
      app: allow multiple variables as input to dashboard group-meter LED
      app: a few async font loading fixes
      app: explicitly close output stream when saving internal data
      app: fix GimpMeter history-graph painting when clipped
      app: in gimp-parallel, fix async-thread shutdown

Félix Piédallu (1):
      Fix Python files: * Prefer python2 to python that may point on python3 on modern installs. * Fix 
indent/spaces consistency.

Gil Eliyahu (1):
      Issue #1458 - Small border on side of single-window screenshot on...

Gábor Kelemen (2):
      Update Hungarian translation
      Update Hungarian translation

Hannie Dumoleyn (3):
      Update Dutch translation
      Update Dutch translation
      Update Dutch translation

Jehan (68):
      plug-ins: fix Windows distribution.
      configure, desktop: update the bug report URL.
      Issue #1211: Load fonts in background after startup.
      app: output proper info message while fonts are loading.
      build: update GNOME's git repository URI.
      Update various places with old git repository URIs.
      tools: clean tabs out of gimptool code.
      tools: do not segfault gimptool with source without extension.
      tools: make gimptool memory-managed.
      NEWS: keep up-to-date.
      app: fix broken debug output on gitlab.
      plug-ins: renaming Win32 implementation files to follow namespacing.
      authors: adding Simon Müller who did some nice patches on the Win32...
      app: properly "auto straighten" in measure tool.
      app: measure tool's "auto straighten" with progress and link-aware.
      app: do not stop the measurement when straightening.
      NEWS: keep up-to-date.
      NEWS: also add `gimp-test-clipboard`.
      Issue #1612: Symmetry Painting dock needs a design tweak.
      plug-ins: add busy-dialog plug-in in plugin-defs.pl.
      Revert "Issue #1612: Symmetry Painting dock needs a design tweak."
      desktop: start a <release> tag for 2.10.4.
      icons: fix symbolic icons.
      icons: clean the symbolic vector file.
      INSTALL: libheif must also be built with libx265.
      configure, tools: actually use GIMP_PKGCONFIG_VERSION and...
      Issue #248: Python console doesn't support input()/raw_input().
      app: actually resolve the interpreter through extension as last resort.
      app: gimp_interpreter_db_add_extension() should check $PATH if needed.
      m4macros, plug-ins: run more accurately the "python2" interpreter.
      plug-ins: recognize "python2" env to launch the python interpreter.
      app: also search interpreters executable in $PATH.
      NEWS: keep up-to-date.
      plug-ins: clearer plug-in-screenshot parameter description.
      icons: make gimp-tool-ellipse-select symmetric.
      icons: fix various icons broken when recoloring with CSS.
      icons: fixing more icons.
      icons: larger spacing between broken chains.
      icons: fix various symbolic icons not properly recolored.
      icons: force colors on some icons.
      icons: fix many icons for proper recoloring.
      icons: update various icons to account for librsvg bugs.
      Issue #1708: g_free() called instead of gdk_device_free_history().
      tools: post-process SVG objects with "color-important" label.
      icons: complete color-scalable SVG.
      icons: work around dimension bug of librsvg for a bunch of color icons.
      Issue #1608: Gimp 2.10.0 and 2.10.2 crash immediately on start.
      app: load "gimp-wilber-eek" as fallback when an icon fails to load.
      app: add a doc-comment to gimp_widget_load_icon().
      app: gimp_widget_load_icon() should actually always return a result.
      Revert "Issue #1608: Gimp 2.10.0 and 2.10.2 crash immediately on start."
      app: remove check since gimp_widget_load_icon() now always non-NULL.
      Issue #1712: Add translator comment for string "Export Exif...
      libgimpbase: fix declaration after statement and reset safecheck...
      app: replace Carbon/Carbon.h by CoreGraphics/CoreGraphics.h.
      desktop: tentative release for 2.10.4 on 2018-07-07.
      configure: replace --enable-bundled-mypaint-brushes with...
      plug-ins: lookup WMF fonts on same prefix when relocatable bundle.
      NEWS: keep up-to-date.
      devel-docs: update macOS support to OSX 10.10.
      Issue #1723: gih file that crashes gimp-2.10.
      libgimpbase: add gimp_pixpipe_params_free().
      libgimpbase: forgot to add gimp_pixpipe_params_free() in gimpbase.def.
      Issue #1740: Move tool has two identical options for selection mode.
      Issue #1731: gbr file that crashes gimp-2.10.
      INSTALL: add --enable-relocatable-bundle in options list.
      NEWS: keep up-to-date.
      desktop: 2.10.4 release is today, earlier than planned!

Jernej Simončič (5):
      Installer: Python fixes
      Installer: fix typos
      Installer: remove .dll files from plug-ins directory
      Installer: set compatibility options to run Python plugins in high-DPI-aware mode
      Installer: put back compatibility DLLs (for really old plugins)

Jordi Mas (3):
      Update Catalan translation
      Update Catalan translation
      Update Catalan translation

Marco Ciampa (4):
      Updated Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation
      Updated Italian translation

Marek Cernocky (2):
      Updated Czech translation
      Updated Czech translation

Massimo Valentini (1):
      Bug 526719: add easy way to set rotation angle to straighten an image

Michael Natterer (94):
      configure.ac: post-release version bump to 2.10.3
      app: remove gimp_display_shell_draw_background()
      app: actually set the color frames to "not dirty" after updating them
      po: update POTFILES.skip
      desktop: update .gitignore
      Issue #1521 - First time start: GIMP-Error: Error while parsing templaterc
      Issue #1520 - GIMP 2.10 Crashes when trying to convert 8bit colour...
      Use g_set_object() in a lot of places, and splrinkle some g_clear_object()
      app: make GimpDataFactory properly derivable
      app: change all GimpCoreConfig data paths to GIMP_CONFIG_PARAM_CONFIRM
      app: derive GimpFont from GimpData
      app: add new GimpDataFactory subclass GimpFontFactory
      app: GimpDataFactoryView: don't add buttons for actions which don't exist
      app: add GimpFontFactoryView as replacement for GimpFontView
      app: remove all old font management code, switch to GimpFontFactory[View]
      app: add gimp_data_factory_get_data_path[_writable]()
      app: use gimp_data_factory_get_data_path() in GimpFontFactory
      app: move the GimpAsyncSet and the waiting code to GimpDataFactory
      app: don't leak the identifier if gimp_data_make_internal() is called again
      app: make gimp_font_get_standard() return a GimpData
      app: call the standard font "Standard" not "Sans-serif"
      app: handle fonts more correctly in gimp_context_deserialize_property()
      app: we always need to freeze/thaw around gimp_font_factory_data_init()
      Issue #1531 - Zooming with mouse movement should keep track of original point
      app: add "new-func" and "get-standard-func" properties to GimpDataFactory
      app: make gimp_data_factory_data_foreach() public
      app: add GimpDataLoaderFactory which loads data from an array of formats
      Issue #1560 - invisible canvas flip/rotation buttons...
      tools: rename test-keyboard.c and install it as gimp-test-clipboard
      Issue #1291 - Non-intrusive warning when saved XCF version...
      Issue #1441 - Copy paste issue, internal clipboard blocks global clipboard
      libgimpwidgets: install gimpbusybox.h as public header
      Issue #1435 - Add tooltips to GimpColorNotebook's tabs
      app: if --verbose, make GimpDataFactory print each loaded and saved data
      app: GimpToolPreset: s/GimpTransformOptions/GimpTransformGridOptions/
      all: make GimpDataLoaderFactory less static
      Issue #1627 - Non-existing item ID error when loading multiple-image HEIFs
      plug-ins: undeprecate file-heif but only as much as can be merged to 2.10
      plug-ins: put file-heif's icon view into a scrolled window
      plug-ins: pack the file-heif load dialog's icon view cells manually
      Issue #1634 - PNG image opens as a blank one in GIMP
      Issue #1213 - Text Tool Preset does not restore font face/name...
      app: some cleanup in GimpContext
      app: some g_return_if_fail() were missing or non-standard in GimpContext
      app: don't g_return_if_fail() in gimp_device_info_set_device()
      Isse #1476 - strange behavior in Layer resize dialog
      app: make sure crash-saving of open images to XCF doesn't call the GUI
      Issue #1611 - plug-in-screenshot does not work in non-interactive run mode
      app: make GimpCursorView fit narrow docks
      Issue #1633 - Palette Editor is much too wide on GIMP 2.99
      app: cleanup in GimpClipboard
      Issue #701 - Add the ability to embed the GIMP built-in sRGB profile...
      libgimp: forgot to deprecate gimp_gamma()
      app: fix drawing the focus around the selected color in GimpPaletteView
      Issue #1677 - Alpha channel copy / Layer Mask issues
      app: remove gimp_layer_mask_new_from_buffer() and some includes
      Issue #1678 - CWE-120 - Don't use strcpy()
      Issue #1093 - Color dialog appears in the first monitor...
      app: protect windows-actions.c against adding/removing a GdkDisplay twice
      app: should --amend my commits after I fix something...
      app: move the palette editor color dialog code to GimpPaletteEditor
      app: move the colormap editor color dialog code to GimpColormapEditor
      app: make gimp_gradient_editor_update() private
      app: move the gradient editor color dialog code to GimpGradientEditor
      app: when a plug-in procedure is not sensitive, show the reason in the tooltip
      app: fix signature of gimp_gegl_procedure_get_sensitive()
      app: argh!
      Issue #1706 - Typo in gimpgradientselect.h include guard
      Issze #1711 - GIMP does not unref all GLocalFileEnumerator it uses
      app, libgimpwidgets: all GimpColorHexEntries should have the same tooltip
      app: peek/poke much less in GimpGradientEditor internals
      app: more GimpGradientEditor cleanup
      Issue #1714 - When GIMP starts, default brush hardness is always at 100
      Issue #1719 - GIMP crashes with an invalid pluginrc
      app: fix jumping around of newly created images
      Issue #1340 - Critical when editing input controllers
      app: on make check, search menu XML files in both buildir and srcdir
      configure.ac: require babl >= 0.1.52
      app: prepare gimpdisplayshell-selection for undeprecation
      app: add gimp-tool-options-manager.[ch]
      app: small fix in gimp-tool-options-manager.c
      app: more stuff in gimp-tool-options-manager.c
      app: make sure the active tool options get saved in devicerc
      app: switch to using gimp-tool-options-manager
      app: indentation in gimp-tools.c
      app: move the improved paint property copying code to GimpPaintOptions
      app: fix logic error in tool_options_manager_paint_options_notify()
      Issue #1719 - GIMP crashes with an invalid pluginrc
      Issue #1748 - Crash when parsing currupt tool preset
      configure.ac: require GEGL >= 0.4.4
      docs, etc: regenerated default gimprc and its manpage
      NEWS: re-line-wrapped so I don't have to do that later in the mail client
      configure.ac: release GIMP 2.10.4

Michael Schumacher (2):
      plug-ins: use g_fopen(filename, "w+b") instead of "wb+" to fix SGI format export on the Microsoft 
Windows platforms
      app: Prevent parallel builds for the tests

Oleksii Samorukov (1):
      Fix screen resolution detection on OSX

Piotr Drąg (11):
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      app: fix typo in a translatable string (trnasferred)
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation
      Update Polish translation

Rodrigo (12):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation
      Update Spanish translation

Rūdolfs Mazurs (2):
      Update Latvian translation
      Update Latvian translation

Salamandar (2):
      Fix encoding. The world should be utf-8.
      Specify utf-8 for rc file.

Simon Mueller (1):
      plug-ins: use g_fopen(filename, "w+b")...

Timo Jyrinki (3):
      Update Finnish translation
      Update Finnish translation
      Update Finnish translation

張俊芝 (1):
      Issue #1506: Adds support for source file names with special...

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