[gnome-initial-setup] (10 commits) ...Merge branch 'jrocha/improve-network-page' into 'master'

Summary of changes:

  2f7c03f... network: Don't process APs with unknown SSIDs (*)
  2f93edf... network: Use a debug env var to always show the wireless li (*)
  3b62f92... network: Always sort the active connection at top of the li (*)
  348dae3... network: Refactor how the "connecting spinner" is added to  (*)
  17d1984... network: Use an actual GtkListRow to display the available  (*)
  7eb2247... network: Periodically refresh Wi-Fi list even when networks (*)
  7a97ebd... network: Do not refresh Wi-Fi list when not needed (*)
  99eda5b... network: Avoid repeated calls to refreshing the Wi-Fi netwo (*)
  09742ea... network: Don't use labels to help aligning icons in the Wi- (*)
  24f3488... Merge branch 'jrocha/improve-network-page' into 'master'

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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