[gnome-music] (12 commits) ...grilo: Let Grilo find sources

Summary of changes:

  ae7f3aa... searchbar: Make FilterView inherit TreeView (*)
  507f1cc... searchbar: Add a ui file for DropDown (*)
  f8ddb36... searchbar: Make DropDown callback internal (*)
  c1eaa76... searchbar: Make manager a property of FilterView (*)
  b75d5a5... searchbar: Move FilterView to the ui file (*)
  2d6de61... searchbar: Move FilterView row-activated to ui (*)
  2fb623f... searchbar: FilterView disable selection mode in ui (*)
  f15ed5a... searchbar: FilterView show() to ui (*)
  71a28e1... searchbar: Add function for tracker source check (*)
  743cf31... searchbar: Add FilterView.ui (*)
  6bad758... grilo: Fix search crash when Tracker is not loaded (*)
  acb447a... grilo: Let Grilo find sources (*)

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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