[gobject-introspection: 11/30] docwriter: Handle moved_to in underscore function

commit dbcc0f8af23ccd385a1edd888034e79c47908520
Author: Philip Chimento <philip chimento gmail com>
Date:   Mon Dec 7 00:16:07 2015 -0800

    docwriter: Handle moved_to in underscore function
    This function was failing on g_iconv() which has a blank name in the GIR
    file (its name instead coming from the moved-to attribute.)

 giscanner/docwriter.py | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)
diff --git a/giscanner/docwriter.py b/giscanner/docwriter.py
index 0d55936c..35ba6f1c 100644
--- a/giscanner/docwriter.py
+++ b/giscanner/docwriter.py
@@ -506,6 +506,8 @@ class DocFormatter(object):
             return node.name.replace('-', '_')
         elif node.name:
             return to_underscores(node.name)
+        elif isinstance(node, ast.Function) and node.moved_to:
+            return to_underscores(node.moved_to)
         elif isinstance(node, ast.Callback):
             return 'callback'
         elif isinstance(node, ast.Union):

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