[librsvg] Created tag 2.43.4

The signed tag '2.43.4' was created.

Tagger: Federico Mena Quintero <federico gnome org>
Date: 1533679242 -0500

    Tag for version 2.43.4

Changes since the last tag '2.43.3':

Federico Mena Quintero (3):
      rsvg_node_set_attribute_parse_error(): Removed unused function
      Bump version to 2.43.4
      Update NEWS

Ivan Molodetskikh (12):
      Merge diffuse and specular lighting code
      Unroll lighting normal computation
      Factor out some common code in lighting.rs
      Optimize the common case of (0, 0, 1) normal
      Precompute some light source coordinate transforms
      Replace round() with + 0.5
      Precompute direction in TransformedLightSource
      Impl ImageSurfaceDataExt for &mut [u8]
      Impl Sync for SharedImageSurface
      Parallelize lighting filters
      Add Pixel::{to,from}_u32()
      Parallelize box_blur_loop()

Jordan Petridis (2):
      CI: Add jobs for rustc 1.27 and 1.28
      CI: Fix indentation I broke on last commit

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