[network-manager-applet] Created tag 1.8.16

The signed tag '1.8.16' was created.

Tagger: Lubomir Rintel <lkundrak v3 sk>
Date: 1533656738 +0200

    Tag 1.8.16

Changes since the last tag '1.8.15-dev':

Jan Tojnar (1):
      nma/mobile-providers: also use the data file locations from pc files

Lubomir Rintel (38):
      connection-editor: ignore --help in main() option context
      connection-editor: don't defer creation of vpn connection to idle
      merge: branch 'lr/vpn-add-idle'
      docs: update copyright year
      build: enable more warnings on autogen
      build: set -Wall before we start probing the extra warning options
      connection-editor: hold GApplication while the import dialog is running
      connection-list: attempt a VPN import first
      bluetooth: fix an assert failure on creation cancellation
      libnma/cert-chooser: add some gtk-doc annotations
      password-dialog: preserve mnemonic
      all: make the labelling style consistent
      wireless-security: avoid passing NULL to nma_cert_chooser_set_*_password()
      utils: drop an useless use of gtk_widget_show_all()
      libnma: drop use of GtkWidget.no-show-all property
      libnma/wifi-dialog: properly escape the SSID
      libnma/wifi-dialog: don't set GtkContainer.border-width
      libnma/wifi-dialog: fix assertion failure on changing a device
      glade: use margin_start/margin_end instead of left/right
      glade: drop GtkImage.yalign and GtkLabel.yalign uses
      glade: get rid of the GtkMisc.ypad property
      glade: drop use of GtkCheckButton.xalign
      glade: get rid of GtkContainer.border-width
      glade: replace GtkHBox and GtkVBox with GtkBox
      editor/trivial: move utils_fake_return_key() to editor
      merge: branch 'lr/fixes'
      gitlab: build libnma site documentation
      libnma-docs: fix the URL
      m4: disable -Wcast-function-type
      m4/trivial: add a bug link to a compiler warning check
      m4: parametrize flags variable
      merge: branch 'lr/compiler-options'
      build: a trivial whitespace fix
      libnma: fix a copy/paste error in a message
      Merge branch 'hard-paths' into 'master'
      build: sync m4/compiler_options.m4 with NetworkManager
      release: update NEWS
      release: bump version to 1.8.16

Mario Blättermann (1):
      Update German translation

Muhammet Kara (2):
      Update Turkish translation
      Update Turkish translation

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Update Polish translation

Rafael Fontenelle (2):
      Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
      Update Brazilian Portuguese translation

Thomas Haller (3):
      c-e: fix leak in update_relabel_list_filename() (clear_name_if_present())
      m4/trivial: fix indentation
      build: pass -std=gnu99 to compiler

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