[gobject-introspection] Created tag 1.57.2

The signed tag '1.57.2' was created.

Tagger: Rico Tzschichholz <ricotz ubuntu com>
Date: 1533585213 +0200

    Tag release 1.57.2

Changes since the last tag '1.55.2':

Christoph Reiter (78):
      ci: Update meson to 0.46.1
      Sphinx based user documentation
      Add myself as a maintainer
      dumper: fix for Python 3
      ci: add a MSYS2 32bit job
      Merge branch 'verbose-distutils' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'array-to-pointer-adjustment' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'ci-msys2' into 'master'
      Add utils.rmtree() which waits and tries again if a file is still in use
      Merge branch 'retry-rmtree' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'revert-msys-libtool-workaround' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'fix-dyld' into 'master'
      dumper: use cflags passed through --cflags-begin/end
      Merge branch '134-output-formats' into 'master'
      CI: use ccache
      meson: Add the giscanner warning tests
      configure.ac: Don't hardcode the Python C-ext file extension
      Remove automake gnu files (AUTHORS, CONTRIBUTORS, ChangeLog)
      Remove giscanner sphinx docs
      autotools: dist all meson files
      Merge branch 'autotools-dist-meson' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'meson-warn-tests' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'autotools-py-ext-suffix' into 'master'
      Convert README files to reST
      Remove emacs config file
      Remove unused g-idl-offsets.pl
      Update license info
      ci: don't install glib for msys2
      Merge branch 'remove-g-idl-offsets' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'remove-emacs-config' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'update-licensing' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'readme-rest' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'gobject-introspection-additional-basic-types' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'dumper-include-cflags' into 'master'
      ci: Update meson to 0.47.1 for glib
      meson: skip test_transformer on Windows for now
      shlibs: Don't depend on Python 3
      meson: Add a "python" option to make the python to build against configurable
      Merge branch 'ci-meson-python2' into 'master'
      meson: Just use python2/python3 in the tool shebang line
      Merge branch 'python-shebang' into 'master'
      Fix scanner tests for new functions added with !32
      ci: add an autotools job
      ci: add a python 2 job using autotools
      gi-tester: Port to Python
      meson: Provide our Python tools for builds. See !51
      ci: add a msvc job
      ci: switch back to the gitlab docker registry
      Merge branch 'warning-fixes' into 'master'
      transformer: don't shell out for filter commands and make the tests work on Windows
      tests: port offset tests to Python
      Merge branch 'tests-transformer-win32' into 'master'
      tests: run xmlwriter tests during make check
      tests: add some basic tests for collect_attributes() and build_xml_tag()
      xmlwriter: move collect_attributes() back to a Python implementation
      scanner: remove hacks to make mingw g-i work with msvc Python
      scanner: remove use of USE_WINDOWS
      scanner: fix the return type for GetFullPathNameA
      scanner: remove some unnecessary Windows includes
      python.m4: don't pass redundant --libs to python-config
      tests: add .exe extension when calling the offset test binary
      ccompiler: simplify check_is_msvc()
      autotools: start using AX_COMPILER_FLAGS, enable -Werror on CI
      build: enable -Wdiscarded-qualifiers
      build: enable -Wincompatible-pointer-types
      build: enable -Wdouble-promotion
      build: enable -Wsuggest-attribute=format
      build: enable -Wcast-function-type
      g-ir-generate: fix missing error handling for command line parsing
      build: enable -Wshadow
      build: enable -Wsign-compare
      build: enable -Wimplicit-fallthrough
      build: enable -Wtype-limits
      build: enable -Wswitch-default
      build: enable -Wredundant-decls
      girepository: port from g_type_class_add_private() to G_ADD_PRIVATE()
      Merge branch 'warn-flags' into 'master'
      girnode: remove wrongly added g_assert_not_reached(). Fixes #218

Chun-wei Fan (6):
      MSVC Builds: Fix _giscanner projects
      win32/gi-introspection-msvc.mak: Some fixups
      girepository: Properly acquire and check pointer values
      build: Drop Visual Studio projects
      build: Add README.msvc
      build: Drop config.h.win32.in

Danny 'Guru' Forghieri (5):
      Windows: compile with /DYY_NO_UNISTD_H
      Declaration to export functions in girepository.dll/.lib, flag for skipping the build of the gir files.
      meson: Fix include dir for gir and typelib gen
      meson: typelib build depends on GObject-2.0.Gir
      The third parameter of assertion_message is an integer.

Emmanuele Bassi (20):
      meson: Update symbol visibility rules
      meson: Use symbol visibility for giscanner module
      meson: Bump up the Meson version
      Post-branch bump to 1.57.1
      meson: Do not depend on a non-existing version of GLib
      Add CI environment for gobject-introspection
      ci: Add Git
      Update the wrap files for subprojects
      ci: Update the Docker image dependencies
      ci: Add more dependencies for the Docker image
      ci: Disable -Werror
      ci: Only run the gobject-introspection test suite
      Annotate possibly unused variable
      Revert "giscanner: Fix options in the preprocessor group"
      ci: Install Meson from PyPI
      ci: Add missing package
      Update the CI image
      Merge branch 'remove-giscanner-sphinx' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'remove-gnu-files' into 'master'
      Update the NEWS for 2.58

Florian Müllner (1):
      tests: Fix function incompatibility

Havard Graff (1):
      meson: add ffi_libdir to glib_libpaths and glib_command

Marcus Calhoun-Lopez (1):
      giscanner:  do not override dyld search path on macOS

Mathieu Duponchelle (2):
      tests: expose variables in meson.build
      meson: add intl_libdir to glib_libpaths and glib_command

Mikhail Fludkov (1):
      giscanner: Maintain python2 compat in annotationparser

Nirbheek Chauhan (26):
      meson: Set default values for some options
      meson: Set EXEEXT for pkg-config files
      meson: Use ${prefix} in pkg-config files
      meson: Set glib version from the project version
      meson: Add fallbacks for all dependencies
      meson: Use glib_dep and configinc for girepository
      meson: Fix configuration when libffi is a subproject
      meson: Rewrite glib gir generation
      giscanner: Remove custom collections implementation
      g-ir-scanner: Don't require SRCDIR and BUILDDIR env vars
      meson: Try to use win_flex and win_bison if available
      meson: Use giounix_dep from glib instead of libgio_dep
      meson: Explicitly use python3 for running g-ir-scanner
      meson: Fix build without pkg-config or any system libs
      giscanner: Fix options in the preprocessor group
      meson: Have a single place to set the subproject directory
      meson: Fix including of config.h
      meson: Remove gir_build hack option
      meson: Handle spaces in the full python path
      Revert "meson: Handle spaces in the full python path"
      meson: Don't look for gio-unix-2.0 on Windows
      giscanner: Fix GtkDocAnnotations implementation
      meson: Prefer source annotations for gir generation
      giscanner: Fix minor python3 compatibility issue
      meson: Sort globbed files before printing
      meson: Rebase on top of latest master and bump version

Patrick Griffis (4):
      Initial work on meson port
      Fix dependency on giscanner's python module
      Build docs
      Allow setting custom cairo-gobject libname

Philip Chimento (18):
      tests: Ignore platform-dependent field in test results
      transformer: Strip whitespace from filter commands
      scanner test: Cross-platform identifier filter
      tests: Fix const-ness warnings
      tests: Fix signed-ness of variable
      tests: Use g_error_new_literal() for literal string
      tests: Avoid global variable shadowing local
      tests: Fix declarations
      Merge branch 'tschoonj/gobject-introspection-macos-no-libtool-fix'
      docwriter: Option to select output format
      Merge branch 'byte-array-default-element-type' into 'master'
      regress: Add test for interface signal
      regress: Add test with signal inout parameter
      regress: Avoid double-promotion warning
      gimarshallingtests: Add test readonly property
      Merge branch 'regress-tests-interface-inout' into 'master'
      Merge branch '113-fix-memory-leaks' into 'master'
      gimarshallingtests: Fix g_boxed_free usage

Ray Donnelly (1):
      Revert "Windows port: Work arount MSYS weirdness where it changes --libtool= command line arguments."

Rico Tzschichholz (12):
      gir: Update annotations from GLib git master
      g-ir-tool-template: Add correct path to _giscanner.so on autotools
      gir: Update annotations from glib git master
      gir: Update annotations from glib git master
      gir: Update annotations to glib 2.57.1
      Bump requirement on glib >= 2.57.1
      gdump: Fix print-format error while GFlagsValue->value is an unsigned int
      gir: Update annotations from glib git master
      gir: Update annotations from glib git master
      gir: Update annotations to glib 2.57.2
      Bump to 1.57.2
      gir: Update annotations from glib git master

Simon Feltman (3):
      regress: Use g_list_free_full and g_list_copy_deep
      regress: Don't leak in property setter and destructor
      gimarshallingtests: Don't leak properties in destruction

Tom Schoonjans (1):
      giscanner: fix --no-libtool on macOS

Tomasz Miąsko (15):
      Update bug reporting links.
      Show commands executed by distutils when being verbose.
      Use uint8 as default element type when constructing ByteArray.
      Add regression tests for default ByteArray element type.
      Add marshalling tests for ByteArray property.
      Add --version option to Python based tools.
      Perform array to pointer adjustment in function parameters.
      Remove unused define GIREPO_DEFAULT_SEARCH_PATH.
      meson: Don't use gobject-introspection-1.0 pkg-config during scan
      Preserve complete C type when applying array annotations.
      Recognize additional basic types from ISO/IEC TS 18661-3:2015.
      Convert _Bool to gboolean for backward compatibility.
      meson: Run Python unit tests.
      Avoid accidental library name matches when parsing ldd output.
      Factor out pkg-config functionality to a separate module.

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