[gnome-games] (10 commits) ...plugins: Switch to unique platforms

Summary of changes:

  371b1d7... generic: rename 'platform' to 'name' in GenericPlatform (*)
  38a9886... dummy: Add get_id () in DummyPlatform (*)
  5227d74... generic: Add get_id () to GenericPlatform (*)
  de9aea9... core: Add get_id() to Platform (*)
  9e710f7... plugins: Add missing translator comments (*)
  151fbe4... retro: Drop unused platform names (*)
  a403cb1... retro: Use Platform in RetroCoreSource (*)
  4b1101e... retro: Move RetroPlatform.get_platform_name () to RetroSimp (*)
  72544de... retro: Switch to unique platforms for simple types (*)
  ced4279... plugins: Switch to unique platforms (*)

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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