[librsvg] Created tag 2.43.3

The signed tag '2.43.3' was created.

Tagger: Federico Mena Quintero <federico gnome org>
Date: 1533226732 -0500

    Tag for 2.43.3

Changes since the last tag '2.43.2':

Federico Mena Quintero (11):
      Merge branch 'filters-to-rust-10' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'chars' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'YaLTeR/librsvg-fast-box-blur'
      Merge branch 'YaLTeR/librsvg-fast-srgb'
      Merge branch 'pborelli/librsvg-length'
      Merge branch 'pborelli/librsvg-cleanup'
      (#309): Don't panic if rendering to a non-image surface
      Bump version to 2.43.3
      Update NEWS
      gitlab#315 - Docs on how to run the filters-related benchmarks

Ivan Molodetskikh (22):
      Replace two variants in FilterError with a single
      Add a format check to SharedImageSurface::new()
      Return SharedImageSurface from scale{,_to}()
      Return SharedImageSurface from unpremultiply()
      Return SharedImageSurface from convolve()
      Return SharedImageSurface from extract_alpha()
      Add an alpha-only flag to SharedImageSurface
      Make into_image_surface() not panic
      Optimize unpremultiply() for alpha_only
      Optimize srgb::* for alpha_only
      Mark PixelRectangle::next() as inline(always)
      Propagate alpha_only through scale()
      Optimize convolve() for alpha_only
      Convert benchmarks to use Criterion
      Add SharedImageSurface::get_pixel_or_transparent()
      Add SharedImageSurface::box_blur{,_loop}()
      Add box_blur benchmarks
      Use the new optimized box blur
      Use table lookup in srgb::{un,}linearize()
      Introduce SurfaceType to SharedImageSurface
      Switch from rulinalg to nalgebra
      Fix distcheck

Jordan Petridis (4):
      cargo fmt
      Merge branch 'fix-distcheck' into 'master'
      cargo fmt
      cargo fmt

Paolo Borelli (23):
      load: move some chars handling logic to rust
      handle: move some of get_dimensions_sub to rust
      handle: move check before using treebase
      length: do not export to C
      Rename RsvgLength to simply Length
      Remove structure.h header
      Consolidate rsvg-xml.c inside rsvg-load
      Remove unused paint-server header
      handle: use g_ptr_array_new_with_free_func for the nodes
      handle: cleanup dispose
      state: remove unused C function
      handle: remove all_nodes array
      handle: add defs getter
      handle: move function for loading an extern to handle.c
      defs: port RsvgDefs to rust
      load: register in defs from the rust code
      drawing_ctx: use refcell for the defs field
      Remove unused define
      Remove unused function rsvg_pixbuf_from_data_with_size_data
      handle: move some of the _new() variants in handle.c
      Rename file for clarity
      handle: move more handle methods to handle.c

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