[gtkmm] Created tag 3.91.0

The unsigned tag '3.91.0' was created.

Tagger: Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>
Date: Mon May 29 10:24:40 2017 +0200


Changes since the last tag '3.89.5':

Chun-wei Fan (1):
      Visual Studio builds: Update glibmm ABI version

Daniel Boles (13):
      FileChooserDialog: Drop unneeded explicit on ctor
      FileChooserDialog: Use static_cast, not C cast
      FileChooserDialog: Allow constructing with use-header-bar
      TreeModel: Improve docs of foreach*() functions
      CellLayout: Improve docs of get_first_cell() funcs
      Box: Fix comments on constructor
      TreeView: Remove an obsolete comment
      gtk-demo: Don’t remove_page() with invalid index
      gtk-demo/demowindow: Use auto
      gtk-demo/demowindow: Use size_t to index in arrays
      gtk-demo/demowindow: Order #includes correctly
      gtk-demo/example_headerbar: Remove an old comment
      gtk-demo: Use #include <blah> for system headers

Kjell Ahlstedt (17):
      Gtk::PrintJob, PrintSettings: Use ArrayHandler where possible
      tests/main_with_options: Fix after changes in Glib::OptionGroup
      Gtk::FileChooserDialog: Remove ctors with backend parameter
      Fix build when _WRAP_ENUM generates enum class
      Fix make check when _WRAP_ENUM generates enum class
      Demos: Fix make check after changes in Glib::SignalProxy::connect()
      Gtk: Regenerate .defs and docs.xml files, update gtk_vfuncs.defs
      Gtk: Adapt Box, Container, Label to changes in gtk+
      _CLASS_GTKOBJECT: Put declarations of default signal handlers at the end
      Remove tests/dialog
      Gtk::Container: Update the documentation of forall_vfunc()
      Gtk::ShortcutsShortcut: Derive directly from Widget
      Builder demo: Remove "expand" child property from the .ui file
      Gdk, Gtk: Update documentation of in-class enums
      Gtk::Widget: remove get_preferred_width() etc.
      Gdk::Event: Remove _GDKEVENT_INHERITS(), improve _CLASS_GDKEVENT()
      Gdk::Event: Add EventTouchpadSwipe and 4 other subclasses

Mark Vender (1):
      Gdk::Event: Implement a class hierarchy representing different GdkEvent* types

Murray Cumming (81):
      Gdk::Pixbuf: get_pixels(): Const corrections.
      Application: Remove unnecessary arrayhandle.h include.
      TreeView: More use of const_iterator.
      C++11: More use of auto.
      C++11: Yet more use of auto.
      Use glibmm-2.54 instead of glibmm-2.52
      TextConstIter: Add a default constructor.
      Container: Remove set_focus_child(), get_focus_child(), etc.
      Window: Remove has_toplevel_focus() and property.
      TextMark: Avoid creating a RefPtr to this.
      Adapt dynamic casts for RefPtr as std::shared_ptr.
      SizeGroup: Rename SizeGroupMode enum to SizeGroup::Mode.
      Builder::get_widget_derived(): Make this static
      Update for enum now in class: Gio::Application::Flags.
      Update for enum now in class: Glib::Binding::Flags.
      Adapt to cairomm enum change.
      Range: Derived from (and implement) Orientable.
      Revert "Gtk: Adapt Box, Container, Label to changes in gtk+"
      Revert "Gtk: Regenerate .defs and docs.xml files, update gtk_vfuncs.defs"
      Box: Correct method names in documentation.
      Regenerate gtk_methods.defs.
      Regenerate gdk_methods.defs.
      Regenerate gtk_signals.defs.
      Regenerate *_docs.xml.
      Widget: Remove get/set_center_widget().
      Container: forall_vfunc(): Remove include_internals parameter.
      Label: Remove get/set_angle() and property.
      Box: pack_start/pack_end(): Adapt to new GTK+ API.
      Demo: Don't pass padding to Box::pack_start().
      C++11: Box: Make PackOptions an enum class.
      demos/tests: pack_start/pack_end() calls: Specify EXPAND_WIDGET.
      configure.ac: Require latest glibmm and gtk+.
      configure.ac: Require latest pangomm and atkmm versions.
      configure.ac: Require latest cairomm version.
      ButtonBox: Remove apparently-useless BUTTONBOX_DEFAULT_SPACING.
      SpinButton: Move INPUT_ERROR constant into class.
      Gdk::Cursor: Change CursorType to Cursor::Type.
      Gdk::Device: Change DeviceType to Cursor::Type.
      Gdk::Event: Change EventType to Event::Type.
      Gdk::Pixbuf: Change PixbufRotation to Pixbuf::Rotation.
      Pixbuf: Comment out AlphaMode.
      Gkd::Visual: Change VisualType to Visual::Type.
      Gdk::Seat: Change SeatCapabilities to Seat::Capabilities.
      Application: Change ApplicationInhibitFlags to Application::InhibitFlags.
      Assistant: Change AssistantPageType to Assistant::PageType.
      Calendar: Change CalendarDisplayOptions to Calendar::Display::Options.
      CellRendererAccel: Change CellRendererAccelMode to CellRendererAccel::Mode.
      Gdk::Window: Change WindowState to Window::State.
      Gdk::Window: Change WindowType to Window::Type.
      Gdk::Window: Change WindowHints to Window::Hints.
      TreeModel: Change TreeModelFlags to TreeModel::Flags.
      Popover: Change PopoverConstraint to Popover::Constraint.
      CssSection: Change CssSectionType to CssSection::Typewq.
      LevelBar: Change LevelBarMode to LevelBar::Mode.
      FileFilter: Change FileFilterFlags to FileFilter::Flags.
      Scrollable: Change ScrollablePolicy to Scrollable::Policy.
      Image: Change ImageType to Image::Type.
      Notebook: Remove NotebookTab enum.
      IconView: change IconViewDropPosition to IconView::DropPosition.
      SpinButton: Change SpinButtonUpdatePolicy to SpinButton::UpdatePolicy.
      TreeView: Change TreeViewDropPosition to TreeView::DropPosition.
      TreeView: Change TreeViewGridLines to GridLines.
      Entry: Change EntryIconPosition to Entry::IconPosition.
      RecentFilter: Change RecentFilterFlags to RecentFilter::Flags.
      TreeViewColumn: Change TreeViewColumnSizing to TreeViewColumn::Sizing.
      PrintOperation: Change PrintOperationResult to PrintOperation::Result.
      PrintOperation: Change PrintOperationAction to PrintOperation::Action.
      FileChooser: Change FileChooserAction to FileChooser::Action.
      FileChooser: Change FileChooserConfirmation to FileChooser::Confirmation.
      Gdk::Window: Change WindowTypeHint to Window::TypeHint.
      Box::pack_start():pack_end(options): Set expand/align for both h and v.
      Box::pack_start/pack_end(options): Avoid setting child properties when possible.
      demos: Adapt to changed Box::pack_start() behaviour.
      Window: Remove get/set_hide_titlebar_when_maximized().
      convert_gdk.m4: Use of static_cast<>.
      convert_gtk.m4: Use of static_cast<>.
      Use of static_cast<>.
      Gdk::Window: get_frame_extents(): Avoid infinite recursion.
      TextBuffer: get_selection_bounds(): Avoid warning about infinite recursion.

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