[gnome-commander] Created tag 1.6.4

The unsigned tag '1.6.4' was created.

Tagger: Uwe Scholz <uwescholz src gnome org>
Date: Sun May 28 20:44:48 2017 +0200

    Release of version 1.6.4

Changes since the last tag '1.6.3':

Anders Jonsson (2):
      Update Swedish translation
      Update Swedish translation

Andika Triwidada (1):
      Update Indonesian translation

Balázs Úr (1):
      Update Hungarian translation

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Update Spanish translation

Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio (2):
      Update Basque language
      Update Basque language

Marek Černocký (1):
      Updated Czech translation

Mario Blättermann (2):
      Update German translation
      Update German translation

Piotr Drąg (2):
      Update Polish translation
      Add translator comment to .desktop

Rafael Fontenelle (1):
      Update Brazilian Portuguese translation

Uwe Scholz (31):
      Post-release version bump
      noop: tabs to spaces
      Checks if char pointer is not null before writing gkey string value, fixes #bgo779574
      Updates NEWS, releases.xml and gnome-commander.xml
      Fixes typo (fixes bgo#779840)
      Removes scrollkeeper from additional packages to be installed in Dockerfile
      Use Docker build script in Travis in gcmd-1-6 branch
      Adds branch gcmd-1-6 and gcmd-1-4 in Travis build config
      Makes usage of unique default in gentoo, adds it to RDEPEND section
      Sets the radio buttons for charset, fixes bgo #619112
      Updates README.in for development packages
      data/gnome-commander.ebuild.in: Add missing python metadata variables
      Introduces GTEST_REQ variable for checking for Googles test library
      Adds samba as USE flag to gentoo metadata file
      Removes assert closing gcmd when user or group is not existing when changing file ownership
      Updates year in ebuild file, removes $Id$ tag
      Add the most recent version of git.mk to the repository
      Removes .gitignore file as it is autogenerated wth each make
      Adds files which are not covered by git.mk into list of ignored files
      Adds gnome-cmd-advrename-lexer.cc to files to be removed with 'make clean'
      Only include gtk/gtk.h in src files instead of sub-gtk header files
      Use GSettingsSchemaSource to load GSettings when PREFIX is not the default directory
      Prevent targets from leaving around half-constructed files if the rule fails
      Fixes use of DESTDIR variable while (un)installing with make
      Remove README from repo as README.in is used for its creation by autoconf
      Remove de/legal.xml as is it autogenerated in each 'make'
      Adds po/gnome-commander.pot to .gitignore (autogenerated via 'make')
      Moves PHONY for ChangeLog in Makefile.am to prevent confusion
      Removes ChangeLog from git repo
      Updates NEWS and releases.xml
      Revert "Fixes use of DESTDIR variable while (un)installing with make"

Мирослав Николић (1):
      Updated Serbian translation

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