[gtk+] Created tag 3.91.0

The unsigned tag '3.91.0' was created.

Tagger: Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
Date: Mon May 22 21:50:02 2017 -0400


Changes since the last tag '3.90.0':

Alberts Muktupāvels (1):
      gtkheaderbar: add style classes to all title buttons

Balázs Úr (1):
      Update Hungarian translation

Carlos Garnacho (1):
      gtkclipboard: Fix typo

Carlos Soriano (2):
      gtkplacesview: Fix unmounted open in tab/window
      gtkplacesview.ui: Remove translatable from server label helper

Christoph Reiter (1):
      gtkdnd: restore drag window movement for the unmanaged case

Chun-wei Fan (1):
      win32/replace.py: Fix replacing items in files with UTF-8 content

Daniel Boles (12):
      ProgressBar: Update node summary per last commit
      Scale: Fix documentation of digits per last revert
      Scale: Explain how to round value when !draw-value
      Scale: Improve documentation of set_has_origin()
      testsuite/gtk/scrolledwindow: Fix a copy-paste-o
      ScrolledWindow: Optimise and clean up measure()
      ScrolledWindow: Don’t req size for autohidden bars
      testsuite/scrolledwindow: Try non-overlay/non-auto
      demo/toolpalette: Restore ToolItemGroup child prop
      gtk-demo: ui: Replace leftover uses of Box:expand
      widget-factory: Use :relief=none, not class .flat
      Frame: Don’t advise adding .flat class in code

Emmanuele Bassi (69):
      Optionally depend on sassc to generate the theme CSS
      Rebuild CSS on all SCSS file changes
      build: Fix sassc detection
      Ignore deprecation warnings for g_object_newv()
      Bump up the required version of GLib
      Use the newly added g_object_new_with_properties()
      gsk: Mark private symbol as static
      gsk: Mark internal symbols as static
      gsk: Mark internal symbol as static
      gsk: Mark finalize() implementation as static
      build: Don't include the marshallers header file
      wayland: Mark private function as static
      wayland: Mark private function as static
      gdk: Make more private functions static
      wayland: Add declaration of private get_type() function
      wayland: Annotate the log_handler function
      Recover assets rendering script
      gdk: Remove GdkX11DisplayManager from the build
      Remove gdkkeysyms-compat.h
      gsk: Include the private header
      Add Meson build files
      build: Do not mix private and public GDK headers
      build: Use the appropriate quoting
      build: Add the appropriate paths in the configuration header
      build: Generate the appropriate GLib versioning checks
      build: Some whitespace cleanups
      build: Depend on graphene-gobject-1.0
      build: Add compiler warnings and errors
      build: Add missing symbol visibility flags
      build: Bump version and C standard
      build: Use the appropriate linker flags
      build: Use the common linker flags in GDK and GSK
      build: Add introspection generation
      docs: Rename files to match type and version
      build: Disable deprecation warnings for input methods
      build: Add the appropriate inclusion paths for libgtk
      build: Generate the API references (WIP)
      build: Rename GSK resource generator script
      build: Disable introspection generation
      build: Add Meson options for quartz/win32 backends
      build: Clean up Wayland protocol code generation
      build: Add post-install script
      build: Ensure that Vulkan shaders are rebuilt if glslc is found
      build: Put the xkbcommon required version into a variable
      build: Clean up print backends Meson rules
      build: Improve consistency of the "coding" style
      build: Use get_pkgconfig_variable()
      build: Initial attempt at fixing the docs build
      build: Depend on Meson 0.40 at least
      build: Fix the introspection build
      build: Add common flags to GDK backends
      build: Define G_LOG_USE_STRUCTURED in GDK
      build: Use link_whole for GDK backends
      build: Add Meson-related files to the autotools dist
      build: Update autotools for API reference changes
      build: Add common settings for tests
      build: Port the a11y test suite to Meson
      testsuite: Remove unused function
      build: De-duplicate options to sassc
      Specify more options to sassc
      window: Remove property definition
      build: Use appropriate linker flag for the builder test
      meson: Remove G_LOG_USE_STRUCTURED from target C flags
      meson: Silence the introspection scanner
      meson: Generate man pages for the installed tools
      meson: Use libexecdir option
      meson: Build the reftests suite
      meson: Drop unnecessary link_with
      meson: Use buildtype to determine the debugging flags

Ernestas Kulik (1):
      meson: depend on glib >= 2.53.1

Florian Müllner (1):
      gdk: Relicense translate_wm_button_layout_to_gtk()

Georges Basile Stavracas Neto (2):
      places-view: monitor network
      placesview: fix testsuite

Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (1):
      meson: remove duplicated G_ENABLE_DEBUG

Jakub Steiner (1):
      style entry-tags

Jeremy Bicha (2):
      docs: Point links to correct versions
      docs: Use https for more links

John Ralls (1):
      Replace NSScreen:userSpaceScaleFactor, deprecated since MacOS X 10.7.

Jonas Ådahl (6):
      GdkWaylandWindow: Clear export user data when used
      GdkWaylandWindow: Unexport when finalizing
      wayland: Use correct enum type and values
      wayland: Remove self assignment
      GdkWaylandWindow: Unexport when finalizing
      GtkWindow: Don't double free export user data

Kukuh Syafaat (1):
      Update Indonesian translation

Lapo Calamandrei (11):
      Adwaita: add a sassc based parse-sass.sh script
      Adwaita: add more space between check/radio and label in popovers
      Adwaita: regenerate css using sassc
      Adwaita: remove unneeded margin on dropdown menu
      Adwaita: regenerate css
      Revert "Adwaita: remove unneeded margin on dropdown menu"
      Adwaita: add a comment
      Adwaita: regenerate the css
      Adwaita: restyle entry-tag
      Adwaita: regenerate the css
      Adwaita: Avoid accindental border on last treeview header

Matej Urbančič (1):
      Updated Slovenian translation

Matthias Clasen (18):
      Avoid a compiler warning
      flowbox: don’t try to focus or draw NULL widgets
      Implement dnd for list box rows in an example
      Fix a typo
      Refine the listbox dnd example
      Fix the build
      testlist3: Handle dropping a row onto itself
      Revert "Scale: Always sync ::digits to Range::round-digits"
      Remove GtkWindow::hide-titlebar-when-maximized
      Remove the gdk backend API too
      Don't require glslc for vulkan
      Set glib min/max versions
      clipboard: Try the mimetype first
      Revert "GdkWaylandWindow: Unexport when finalizing"
      file filter: Be save against NULL
      Fix the docs build
      Update a11y test output

Michael Catanzaro (1):
      menubutton: Remove prelight state when button is deactivated

Mohammed Sadiq (1):
      linkbutton: Fix memory leak

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      wayland: make key event log more explicit

Olof-Joachim Frahm (2):
      Move style change for popover creation.
      Make sure to remove tooltip timeout.

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Update Polish translation

Robert Ancell (2):
      EntryBuffer: Don't generate changed events when input is truncated
      docs: Fix copy-paste error in gtk_file_chooser_get_extra_widget() doc comment

Stas Solovey (1):
      Update Russian translation

Tim-Philipp Müller (59):
      meson: replace gentypefuncs.d with python script
      meson: figure out wayland-protocols pkgdatadir via pkg-config
      meson: add graphene subproject that can be used as fallback
      Rename generated gtktypefuncs.c to gtktypefuncs.inc
      meson: make sure gdk/gdkenumtypes.h is generated for users of libgtk_dep
      meson: gtk: add missing source file
      meson: gtk: generate gtk.gresource.xml
      meson: testsuite: gdk: need to dep on gtk
      meson: set _GNU_SOURCE project wide
      meson: work around meson/gcc bug detecting linux/* headers
      meson: fix checks for maths and X11 funcs that need the right deps
      meson: update list of sources for changes in git master
      meson: gtk-demo: update and sync up with Makefile.am
      meson: use add_project_arguments() instead of add_global_arguments()
      meson: demos: update and sync up with Makefiles
      meson: tests: update and sync with Makefiles
      meson: tests: make tests find resources from the source dir
      meson: examples: update
      meson: add vulkan bits
      meson: gsk: generate gsk.resources.xml
      meson: gsk: use gnome.mkenums() to generate enum types
      meson: gsk: install public headers
      meson: demos: disable add_install_script() calls that don't work right yet
      meson: gdk: update and sync with Makefiles
      meson: gdk: move x11 bits into x11 subdirectory
      meson: gdk: wayland: use array for protocol file generation
      meson: gdk: wayland: move wayland bits into wayland subdir
      meson: gdk: build individual backends as static libs
      meson: gdk: add Mir backend bits
      meson: gdk: wayland: generate private wayland headers first
      meson: gdk: win32: add skeleton bits for win32 backend
      meson: gdk: add quartz backend skeleton
      meson: gtk: install headers
      meson: gtk: use array for installed tools definition
      meson: gtk: remove internal static libs from declared gtk dependency
      meson: gdk, gsk: fix install path of generated files
      meson: gtk: use gnome.mkenums() and gnome.genmarshal()
      meson: gtk: update build file and sync to Makefile
      meson: generate .pc files
      meson: make sure gsk/gdk generated headers exist for libgtk_dep users
      meson: testsuite: gtk: sync with Makefile and add some missing bits
      meson: testsuite: gdk: use array for test definitions
      meson: testsuite: reftests: add build defs, but needs more work
      meson: testsuites: tools: add meson build
      meson: add po and po-properties
      meson: gtk: don't overwrite top-level cdata variable with local stuff
      meson: modules: add printbackends
      meson: gtk: set GTK_PRINT_BACKENDS define properly
      meson: move colord checks into cups printbackend
      meson: fix GETTEXT_PACKAGE
      meson: simplify header checks
      meson: simplify function checks
      meson: check for more missing config.h defines
      meson: remove duplicate libm variable
      meson: fix XIAllowTouchEvents check
      meson: check for xinerama
      meson: build input modules
      meson: gdk: fix static library names
      meson: simplify cups version check in printbackends

Timm Bäder (102):
      dnd: Remove unnecessary non-toplevel GtkWindow in set_icon_surface
      gsk: Add color shaders to resources
      stack combo: Inherit from GtkWidget
      filechooserwidget: Remove useless gtk_widget_show call
      levelbar: Remove unused define
      gtk4-sections: Add missing GtkWidget child/sibling accessors
      testboxcss: Fix custom CSS
      paned: Fix typo
      filechooserbutton: Show/hide appropriate child
      window: Expand CSS node docs
      spinbutton: Remove an unused define
      spinbutton: Add undershoot nodes to CSS docs
      progressbar: Fix position of text node in CSS docs
      widget-factory: Add dummy listbox placeholder
      listbox: Properly remove placeholders
      Bump version to 3.91.0
      gdk: Add 3.92 version macros
      widget: Add gtk_widget_insert_before/after
      treeview: insert the column button css node in the right place
      overlay: Ensure proper child widget order
      Add GtkGizmo
      progressbar: Use widgets for all subgadgets
      levelbar: Use widgets for all blocks
      window: Make sure the decoration node stays at the beginning
      expander: Use widgets for title box and arrow
      box: Remove expand child property
      box: Remove fill child property
      actionbar: Add explicit center widget
      container: Remove include_internals parameter from forall
      box: Remove center child
      testsuite: Add widget ordering test case
      box: Compute clips directly
      container: Use gtk_container_forall less
      grid: Compute clip directly
      widget: Fix set_parent/unparent docs to not mention GtkContainer
      gtkwidget: Queue a resize on the parent when unparenting
      listbox: Compute clips directly
      frame: Compute clip directly
      label: Don't use gtk_widget_set_simple_clip
      gtkmain: Fix code example
      label: Remove useless if statement
      label: Remove useless if statements
      label: Move if statement where it makes sense
      label: Remove angle property
      testdnd2: Don't pass a toplevel to gtk_drag_set_icon_widget
      reftests: Remove reference to deleted files
      GskRenderNode: add missing prototype
      GskRenderNode: Fix set_scaling_filters function name
      GskRoundedRect: Include private header file
      sidebarrow: Remove useless size group
      filechooserwidget: Remove always-false error case
      button: Compute clip directly
      Fix gdk_rectangle_union calls
      headerbar: Compute clip directly
      label: Remove dead ternary operator
      GtkGestureMultiPress: Remove superfluous NULL check
      grid: Remove unnecessary NULL checks
      frame: Properly initialize clip
      migration guide: Extend GtkBox child property section
      widget: Fold queue_resize_on_widget into its only caller
      gtksettings: Remove unnecessary deprecation guards
      levelbar: Don't allocate 0 blocks
      placesview: Remove duplicate GtkMountOperation assignment
      widget: remove double assignment
      Chain up in size-allocate implementations
      widget-factory: Fix listbox row alignment
      fallback-c89: Include config.h
      examples/drawing: Don't call gtk_main_quit
      Meson build v2
      meson: Add options for x/wayland/broadway backends
      gtk: Generate gresources file
      meson: Add unit test files
      meson: Build gtk marshallers
      meson: make gtk buildable
      meson: Use xrandr
      gtk major version
      gentypefuncs.py: Use python3
      wayland: Include generated sources from builddir, not srcdir
      build: Generate wayland protocol files
      meson: build gtk/ again
      meson: Build gtk3-demo
      meson: Generate demos.h for gtk3-demo
      meson: Disable broadway build
      meson: Require gtkmarshal_h before we build gtk
      meson: Use -Bsymbolic
      meson.build: Add more required versions
      meson: Also check for sincos
      meson: Build all tests in tests/
      Build examples
      gtk/meson: Read dirs from options
      meson: Install libgtk and libgdk
      meson: Build gtk utils
      meson: build tests/visuals
      meson: build some more tests
      meson: Check for more libraries
      meson: Conditionally check for dependencies
      meson: Sort input files by name
      meson: update build files
      button: Remove baseline_align value
      widget: Remove useless assignment
      window: Stop using gtk_widget_get_preferred*
      Remove gtk_widget_get_preferred_*

Tom Schoonjans (2):
      quartz: add support for Gtk+4
      quartz: code cleanup

Tom Tryfonidis (1):
      Update Greek translation

William Hua (4):
      mir: re-write settings implementation
      mir: remove keymap and input device state warnings
      mir: set application name when creating connection
      mir: clean up an ugly function

gogo (4):
      Update Croatian translation
      Update Croatian translation
      Update Croatian translation
      Update Croatian translation

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