[glib] Created tag 2.53.2

The unsigned tag '2.53.2' was created.

Tagger: Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
Date: Mon May 22 14:49:13 2017 -0400


Changes since the last tag '2.53.1':

Alexandru Pandelea (1):
      xdgmime: fix special case for mime_type_subclass

Balázs Meskó (1):
      Update Hungarian translation

Chun-wei Fan (1):
      win32/replace.py: Fix replacing items in files with UTF-8 content

Colin Walters (1):
      gdbus: Init more types to work around gtype thread issue

Daniel Boles (1):
      array-test: Fix a comment

Daniel Macks (2):
      Add test-case for g_content_type_is_mime_type()
      Implement g_content_type_is_mime_type() (clone of win32's)

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Update Spanish translation

Emmanuele Bassi (7):
      genmarshal: Conform --help output to conventions
      genmarshal: Constify global variables
      genmarshal: Use fewer magic numbers
      genmarshal: Always generate the prototypes in the body
      Remove unused ignore file
      mkenums: Support public/private trigraph
      Check for a recent enough libmount

Jonh Wendell (1):
      build: Bump version to 2.53.2

Krzesimir Nowak (6):
      gvariant: Fix some typos in documentation
      gvariant: Fix the max unsigned 64-bit integer value
      gstrfuncs: Add replacement for string-to-number functions
      docs: Add index for 2.54 api
      docs: Fix typos
      gstrfuncs: Fix translation issues

Kukuh Syafaat (1):
      Update Indonesian translation

Lars Uebernickel (1):
      gdbus: fix use-after-free

Mario Blättermann (1):
      Update German translation

Matthias Clasen (4):
      portal support: Read /.flatpak-info
      portal support: Raise the priority for network monitor
      Small documentation additions

Mohammed Sadiq (1):
      docs: Trivial typo fixes

Ondrej Holy (2):
      gunixmounts: Speed up mtab processing with libmount
      gunixmounts: Prevent unwanted automount requests

Patrick Griffis (5):
      gosxappinfo: Fix typo in ifdef
      build: Don't build dbus-appinfo on OSX
      gosxappinfo: Fix get_default_for_type() on 10.10+
      gosxappinfo: Special case x-scheme-handler
      tests: Fix g_content_type_is_mime_type() test on OSX

Philip Withnall (15):
      gdbusconnection: Add some comments about object ownership
      docs: Fix (nullable) (optional) annotations
      docs: Add an example for using the g_spawn_*() APIs
      docs: Remove some extraneous words from g_settings_sync() documentation
      gportalsupport: Fix compilation failure from previous commit
      gtimer: Whitespace fixes
      garray: Add g_ptr_array_find[_with_equal_func]()
      ghash: Document that GHashTable is not suitable for static hash tables
      gdatetime: Remove an unnecessary NULL pointer check
      gdatetime: Fix overflow checks when constructing from timestamps
      gtimer: Handle gmtime() failure in g_time_val_to_iso8601()
      tests: Update g_assert()s in fileutils test to be more descriptive
      tests: Improve error handling for fileutils test
      docs: Fix a trivial typo in GMount documentation
      docs: Fix a trivial typo in GMount documentation

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Update POTFILES.in

Rafal Luzynski (1):
      gosxappinfo: fix typo in g_osx_app_info_launch_internal

Rico Tzschichholz (1):
      Revert "ginputstream: Add missing (out) annotations to read() functions"

Ryan Hendrickson (1):
      gsettings: check $XDG_DATA_HOME for schemas

Sebastian Dröge (2):
      gmodule – Check for RTLD_LAZY and others in configure
      gmodule – Don't use RTLD_DEFAULT on Android for g_module_self() on Android 64 bit

Timm Bäder (1):
      gappinfo: Clear previously set error before calling portal

declan (1):
      gdbusmessage: Don’t use major()/minor() if they’re unavailable

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