[gtk+] Created tag 3.90.0

The unsigned tag '3.90.0' was created.

Tagger: Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
Date: Fri Mar 31 14:22:29 2017 -0400


Changes since the last tag '3.89.5':

Alexander Larsson (3):
      Allow custom renderer for the inspector
      gl renderer: Fix hidpi fallback rendering
      gsk: Take scale factor into account when setting up the gl scissor

Andika Triwidada (1):
      Update Indonesian translation

Christoph Reiter (3):
      quartz: fix build for <10.12
      gtk_widget_intersect: fix annotations
      osx: fix build

Daniel Boles (14):
      docs/css-overview: Fix color functions’ arg orders
      css-overview: Elaborate how color expressions work
      css-overview: Fix+Explain color expr number ranges
      css-overview: Fix inconsistent British English use
      Tooltip: Avoid redundant variable initialisations
      ScrolledWindow: Streamline/clarify the intro docs
      ScrolledWindow: Don’t check if child is Scrollable
      Scrollbar: Tweak intro docs a bit
      Scrollbar: grammar fix for previous commit
      TextBuffer: Add missing transfer full annotations
      TextView: Get line direction in more efficient way
      TextView: Be const-correct when passing a pointer
      GSK: Fix a bunch of warnings from the GIR scanner
      gskrendernodeimpl: Fix documentation argument type

Ernestas Kulik (1):
      flowbox: don’t select when rubberbanding over nothing

Fabio Tomat (1):
      Update Friulian translation

Flo H (1):
      Update German translation

Kjell Ahlstedt (1):
      printjob: Clarify array ownership in gtk_print_job_set_page_ranges()

Marek Kasik (1):
      printing: Don't hang in gtk_enumerate_printers()

Matthias Clasen (24):
      Avoid a critical warning in the filechooser portal
      Avoid some compiler warnings
      Avoid redefining GNU_SOURCE
      Avoid unused variable warnings
      Avoid more compiler warnings
      Work around a wayland crash
      switch: Update css docs to reflect current reality
      css tests: Update the GtkSwitch node tests
      css nodes: Update the combobox test results
      css tests: Update entry test results
      css tests: Update progressbar test results
      css parser: Fix names for blend modes
      css parser tests: Fix background-blend-mode test
      css parser tests: Fix integer test results
      css parser tests: Update background-image test results
      css parser tests: Drop tests for -gtk-gradient
      css parser tests: Update border image test results
      css parser tests: Fix up the pseudo class test
      css parser tests: Fix radial gradient test results
      css style tests: Update expected results for gradient tests
      a11y tests: Update test results
      reftests: Remove a test using -gtk-gradient

Murray Cumming (1):
      docs: Remove mentions of gtk_init_with_args().

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      gdkwindow: subsurface in gdk_window_get_parent()

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Update Polish translation

Rūdolfs Mazurs (1):
      Update Latvian translation

Stas Solovey (2):
      Update Russian translation
      Update Russian translation

Tim-Philipp Müller (1):
      vulkan: fix compilation

Timm Bäder (56):
      GtkShaderBuilder Fix copy/paste error in precondition
      headerbar: Fix size requisition variable mixup
      GdkDrawingContext: Add missing break in switch statement
      calendar: Fix else branch indentations
      entrycompletion: Remove unnecessary NULL check
      GdkMonitor: Use 1 as scale fallback value
      GdkX11DeviceManager: Fix debugging output
      GdkRenderer: Fix a compiler warning
      GtkRecentManager: Remove superfluous local variable
      notebook: Remove dead assignment
      progressbar: Remove useless if statement
      box: Make sure center_req is initialized
      window: Remove pointless ternary operator
      css-editor: Remove unused if statement
      tooltip: Remove unused assignment
      label: Properly calculate half the height
      GdkWaylandWindow: Force window titles to valid utf8
      builderparser: Remove pointless TagType struct
      widget: Prepend style classes to list when parsing
      gdkdragsource: Ensure button >= 1
      glcontext: Fix buffer age comparison
      progressbar: Remove unused defines
      widget: Add a GtkBuildable::add_child implementation
      Remove the Raleigh theme
      filechooserwidget: Inherit from GtkWidget
      fontchooserwidget: Remove unused defines
      fontchooserwidget: Inherit from GtkWidget
      appchooserwidget: Inherit from GtkWidget
      recentchooserwidget: Inherit from GtkWidget
      filechooserbutton: Hide the combobox by default
      widget: Fix checks in gtk_widget_snapshot()
      glrenderer: Store uniform locations per program
      glrenderer: Handle color nodes
      glrenderer: Add render items for child nodes
      glrenderer: Reuse the GArray for render items
      cssimageicontheme: Cache size + texture
      widget: Save pointer to focus child
      Remove gtk_container_get_focus_child
      Make gtk_container_set_focus_child private
      widget: Also reset focus on non-container widgets
      container: Remove focus_child pointer
      widget: Emit ::focus regardless of container-ness and can-focus
      window: Remove gtk_quark_embedded
      window: Remove check_resize special case for embedded toplevels
      window: Remove has-toplevel-focus property
      window: Fold update_has_focus in to set_is_active
      window: Remove _gtk_window_set_is_toplevel
      window: Simplify _set_focus
      label: Fix focus implementation
      widget: Allow focusing widgets with non-container parent
      statusbar: Remove margins in ui file
      tests: Add widget focus test case
      Widget: Shuffle focus code around
      Implement tab/up-down/left-right focus sorting for widgets
      widgetfocus: Use the same function to compare widgets
      infobar: Remove unused defines

William Hua (1):
      mir: always emit a resize when creating windows

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